I like the name Camilla. It reminds me somehow of summer and flowers. Maybe because it rings a little bit like cammomille. Good things come from those who are called Camilla. Just to mention one of my favorite Camilla’s is Camilla Norrback, a Danish designer who designs ecoluxury fashion.If possible I would seasonally buy the entire collection by Camilla Norrback. As it is though I try to buy some key pieces on sale… From this autumncollection these are a couple of my favourites, starting with a bow piece, since I love love love bows. The other Camilla I adore (and secretly envy on occasion for her talent, life and well general being) is the Swedish Camilla Engman. She makes illustrations and paintings and keeps a blog (well I guess if you don’t know Camilla Engman you have been living under a blog-rock). I just want to sing her praise once again (she has been featured so many times online and her work has also been featured in the nicest book ever (by the nicest publishers ever). Just a little reminder when I reincarnate: have to be born somewhere in Scandinavia and have to be named Camilla (so preferably as a girl). As […]

Lucky (ethical) bag – PHILOMIJN

Ok. So I have this obsession for bags. It is nothing less, I tell you, than a real genuine Obsession with a capital O. There is always a good excuse to buy a bag. I love them in all forms and sizes, from simple tote bags to the real expensive ones to the fair trade ones made with respect to our environment. I have to say that I am becoming more and more conscious of fair trade ecofashion and I highly appreciate these initiatives. Nothing is so important than our environment and it is high time we take into consideration the footsteps we set on this earth. An ethical bag is even better than a normal bag, I tell you! Recently I discovered these two Dutch brands who are both producing clothes and accessories with respect. The first one is called Studio Jux and they make the most thrilling fair wear. The second is Philomijn, a leather brand that makes the most beautiful leather products. As of next season her products are also completely made with ecological leather from German cows who have had an animal friendly life. She also uses natural dyes like rhubarb and mimosa for colouring. Her bags are truly beautiful. I am so glad we […]