UNSEEN photo fair 2016 // II

Ooit studeerde ik Literatuurwetenschap. Hierin bestudeer je de wereld door middel van literatuur. Literatuur is eigenlijk de microkosmos of bril waarmee je de wereld bekijkt. Het gaat dus veel verder dan bijvoorbeeld weten vanuit welk perspectief een verhaal is geschreven. Een roman vertelt je iets over de context waarin deze werd geschreven, het is een geschiedkundig document, reflectie van de Zeitgeist en beantwoordt vragen over maatschappij, politiek en identiteit. Vooral dat laatste vond (en vind) ik interessant. Want wat is identiteit? Wikipedia zegt het volgende: “Identiteit is de eenheid van wezen, volkomen overeenstemming en persoonsgelijkheid. Het beeld dat iemand van zichzelf heeft wordt zelfbeeld of zelfconcept genoemd. Er zijn bovendien verschillende soorten van het begrip identiteit te onderscheiden, zoals persoonlijke, genetische, sociale, culturele en nationale identiteit.” Deze fascinatie voor identiteit dat zoveel gezichten kent resulteerde uiteindelijk in mijn afstudeerscriptie waarin ik het begrip bestudeerde in werk van de Zuid-Afrikaanse auteur J.M. Coetzee. Om zijn romans te analyseren gebruikte ik de psychoanalyse die een bewonderenswaardige poging doet ‘identiteit’ te duiden. Na de literatuur kwam de cultuur. Ik begon aan een research master Cultuuranalyse die verderging dan literatuur en ook film, theater, fotografie etc. bestudeerde. Met andere woorden alles wat deel uitmaakt van ‘cultuur’. Niet heel […]

UNSEEN photo fair 2016 // 1

UNSEEN vierde dit jaar zijn vijfjarig jubileum en ik wilde er al vijf jaar naartoe, maar dat kwam er nooit van. Meestal ging ik ieder najaar naar de Buchmesse in Frankfurt en dat was altijd al weken van tevoren hectisch met afspraken maken, voorbereiding etc. Waarom er in het najaar zo veel evenementen zijn en in het voorjaar betrekkelijk weinig is beyond me, maar goed, dit jaar lukte het me dan eindelijk te gaan. Dit in de plaats van de VTWonen beurs , Meet the Blogger en de Dutch Design Week (die ik een jaartje oversla). Ik heb tenslotte een baby en ik kan (nog steeds) niet heksen al zou dat natuurlijk superhandig zijn. Quality over quantity zeg ik dus maar tegen mezelf. Zo nu en dan kies ik iets uit (een event, beurs of andere uitnodiging). Omdat ik dan niet de volgende dag weer naar iets anders ga, blijft dat leuk. Bovendien heeft het mijn onverdeelde aandacht. Ik kan bijvoorbeeld dus echt een gesprek met iemand voeren (hoezee!) of zoals vorige week vrijdag met aandacht de foto’s bekijken. Jongens, wat een luxe is dat! UNSEEN is een internationale fotobeurs gericht op de ontdekking van nieuw talent en nog niet eerder gezien […]

DDW14 Dutch Design Week I

So I went to the Dutch Design Week last Thursday and Friday. I really had the most inspiring two days (with a dramatic ending but more on that later). I loved being there on my own (a luxury as a mother) and I saw a lot. On Thursday I covered the central area starting with the VanAbbemuseum, Cityhall and the design route in the centre and on Friday I went to the Strijp Area and Piet Hein Eek. I especially loved this area and PHE also was great! Highlights for me were the Graduation Show of the Dutch Design Academy, Klokgebouw and the Schellensfactory. A lot of other bloggers wrote about the DDW so you can’t have missed it! Lonneke Huijbregts from Bubblemint organized a bloggerscafe for the first time during the DDW where bloggers gathered for a meet and greet. I met the lovely ladies behind Coosje and ViaMartine in person, I love it when online and offline sometimes meet! The turnout this year was even greater than last year, people know to find this event more and more. Make sure to come next year! I will! {1. Inventory – Atelier NL Sandbank Ongoing / 2. Klokgebouw / 3. […]

Eva Schreuder jewellery

Today is my five year wedding anniversary. How time flies! It struck me that most of my jewellery was a gift from my husband. He knows I really love jewellery and whenever there is a special occasion, like the birth of my son or my birthday he gives me something for my ‘collection’. This way every big emotional moment connects with a piece and tells its story which I really like. At ShowUp I met the lovely Eva Schreuder, she makes beautiful fine jewellery pieces that can fill any sort of silence in your own life poem. In her own words: “A poem consists of words and the silence in between”  (A free interpretation of a Dutch poem by Martinus Nijhoff ) This poem, written on a wall near my home, touches the core of my inspiration to make jewellery. I intent to make ‘half-way-there-products’. It is lost without the wearer. In my jewellery I want to capture the silence in between the words, but at the same time invite the wearer to do so. My jewelry should be a marriage between art and a utensil. The icing on the cake is the added sentimental value. Besides her own label Eva […]

ShowUp (again)

I felt really inspired after visiting ShowUp this weekend. After I saw all these creative people living their dream by ‘creating’ I thought more about my creative dreams and about finding a way to do something with them. The problem with me is that I like so many different things. I like photography and fashion, design and illustration to name just a few. And then there is this whole ‘spiritual’ side of me (which I rarely share here). How can I ever choose one thing? Sometimes I feel I’m doomed not being really good in anything (creative I mean). “The difference between them and you is that they just do it.” Nina said to me and she is right of course although she’s putting a little bit too much trust in my talent… Having the guts and just going for it! Not being over analytical and critical! Not being an absolute perfectionist! The art of letting go… and just doing it! {1. Flower by Vlinder&Vogel / 2. Belgian made cute retro style by Froy & Dind / 3. Candles and more beauty by Mo man tai / 4. Two sisters living the dream (and making amazing stuff while doing so: […]

ShowUp 2014

I had the best weekend! On Saturday I was one of the models for one of Holly’s gorgeous bridalshoots *blush* with the amazing photographer Anouschka Rokebrand (more on that soon) and today I went to the ShowUp trade fair with Nina from Paper Stories. We saw a lot of beautiful stuff and on top of that it was just really nice to be inspired together with a friend. I will pick some brands to blog about in the coming weeks, but here are just some inspirational photo’s I made. I made them with my iPhone.. my little boy dropped (yes, I did say dropped) my Nikon camera this morning and now it’s kind off not zooming anymore.. In fact it’s not doing much anymore.. Any tips for a good camera are more than welcome! As far as highlights go: THE VENUE! The trade fair has grown so much! {1. Ferm Living via Kolk & Kolk Agenturen // 2. Mimi’s Circus Fiep Westendorp via Nordic Child Agencies  // 3. House of Rym via UnikDesign // 4. Anny& Esmé Hofman}

In the meantime

In the meantime I went to the Frankfurt Buchmesse and was struck with the annual October cold. I am busier than ever behind the scenes and try to enjoy time with my little son (who is getting quite cheeky sometimes). I hope you are all well and thriving!

ShowUp August edition 2013

Last Sunday I went to ShowUp for the second time and I saw a lot of beautiful new brands (and old) in Amsterdam-Noord. I was pleasantly surprised the fair had grown so much, it’s such a great initiative and I think its success proves that. I made photo’s of a couple of my favorites, like the incredibly talented and quirky De Krantenkapper, the environmentally conscious NikoNiko and designs by the lovely Bibi de Lang alias BL-ij and her initiative Little Black Book a collaboration with Yvette Jacobs. (we are kindred pastel sisters I’m sure). I loved the ceramic cups by Alissa + Nienke (you can buy one at Restored!), the taxidermy (you know I have a thing with that) by Luxury for Nature just to name a few. Keep your eyes out too for the new collection by Kidsonroof and check out the new papergoods at WowGoods. See you in February for sure! {1. Kidsonroof / 2. BL-ij / 3. Alissa + Nienke / 4 & 5. Wowgoods / 6. Studio NSybrandy / 7. Almedahls via 0031 designs / 8. Little Black Book / 9. Luxury By Nature / 10. De Krantenkapper / 11. Ompak tree / 12. Cards by NikoNiko }

London love #1

I’m back from London and oh boy what a city that is! I go every year for the London Bookfair but always just for one day so I never get a chance to really look around. In high school I went for a school trip but that was ages ago (like in the last millennium) and I barely remember anything from that couple of days except St. Paul’s being the reason I’m now afraid of heights. We walked around a lot, saw a lot of museums and shopped a lot. That pretty much sums it up! I will share some highlights with you, but for now here are some London pics I took. {1. St. Paul’s cathedral / 2. Tate Modern / 3. Harrods / 4. Millennium Bridge – illustration: Goldfinchdesign}

Last weekend: ShowUp

Before I got incredibly sick (it’s okay, I’m finally feeling somewhat better, although my throat is still sore and I’m out of tissues) I went to ShowUp last weekend. Here are some of the pics I made. I loved the event and will definitely try to go again next August. Everything was really well arranged too, even up to a free coffee! { 2. Kolk & Kolk agenturen / 3 + 4 ENGEL / 5. Lapin & Me / 6. Important Stuff }