Truthful Consumerism

I’ve always been ambitious. Thinking ‘big’ comes naturally to me. Being ambitious doesn’t mean that you think you’re the bees knees or that everyone should think you’re great. Being ambitious for me means having big dreams (and acting on those dreams) to make the world a better place. I’m especially ambitious concerning the things I love most: increasing awareness and consciousness through working on books and other projects. My mission is to show people what’s possible; because life (and our future) is what you make of it. If you live your life consciously and with intent magic can enter the stage. I’ve long hidden my ambition since it would not be bon ton. We live in a Dutch society that encourages us to be average (or normal) and this was the hidden message for most of my working life. And to this day: when I tell someone about my ambitions, goals and dreams there are always those that think it’s all a bit much. Because who do I think I am to think and aspire all this? Because of this enduring belittling through the years I became smaller and smaller. I started to believe I wasn’t really meant for success. […]

UNSEEN photo fair 2016 // II

Once upon a time I studied Literary Studies in which you study the world through literature. Novels are actually the microcosmos or glasses if you will with which you see the world. So it goes far beyond knowing for instance from which perspective a story has been written. A novel tells you something about the context in which it was written, it’s a historical document, a reflection of the Zeitgeist and answers questions about society, politics and identity. Especially this last topic fascinated me (and still does). Because what is identity? Wikipedia says: “Identity is the unity of being. The image that someone has of himself is being called selfimage of selfconcept. There are moreover several kinds of the understanding of identity, like personal, genetic, social, cultural and national identity.” This fascination for identity that knows so many faces ultimately resulted in my final thesis in which I studied the concept in the work of the South-African author J.M. Coetzee. To further analyze his novels I employed psychoanalysis that undertakes a remarkable attempt to comprehend ‘identity’. After literature came culture. I started a research master Cultural Analysis that took me further from literature to film, theatre, photography etc. In other words […]

UNSEEN photo fair 2016 // 1

UNSEEN celebrated its five year anniversary this year and I’ve wanted to go there all five years, but somehow I never managed to go. Usually I went to the Buchmesse in Frankfurt every fall and that always meant making appointments weeks in advance, preparing etc. Why there are so many events in the fall and relatively few in spring is beyond me, but anyhow this year I finally managed to go to UNSEEN.  This meant not going to the VTWonen beurs , Meet the Blogger and the Dutch Design Week (skipping those for a year). I am a new mother as you know and I still can’t be at several places at once although this would be most convenient. “Quality over quantity” I remind myself. Now and again I pick something (an event, fair or other invitation). Because I don’t have to go to another thing the next day it stays exciting. Moreover I can give it my undivided attention. So I can actually have a conversation with someone (hooray!) or, like last Friday, I can look at the photo’s at my own pace. Boy, this is such a luxury! UNSEEN is an international photo fair aimed at the discovery of new talent and never before […]

Nomen est omen

Then, on the 10th of July 2016, our daughter was born. We named her Lavinia Felise Alma and she really is the sweetest baby. She looked at us intensely from the moment she was born and smiled her first smile in week five. And, I’m hesitating to say this to other new parents, but she already sleeps through the night. Whether it’s because I sleep well (hallelujah), that it’s number two, a girl or that I’m experiencing less stress this time: I’m really enjoying motherhood. She keeps taking me back to NOW and instead of the big whirlwind after the birth of my son, I now just feel gratitude for the happiness she brings. It’s like a switch has been turned (possibly under the influence of hormones) but I feel less stressed. It’s so very important to enjoy these golden years when the children are small, it flies by so fast. It makes all the other stuff less important. Everything that seems so important in the outside world. I try to be less critical towards myself. I feel like I have to do and achieve so many things and sometimes I feel overwhelmed by everything I demand from myself. Sometimes […]

Art Expo Roxanne Dekker at COCO-MAT

This weekend I attended the art expo by Roxanne Dekker in the COCO-MAT store in Amsterdam. I was early so I got to shoot some photo’s of this beautiful conceptstore. I also had the opportunity to talk to Roxanne, a really sweet and talented lady. She uses music and nature sounds as her inspiration and puts them on paper (or another medium). She works a lot with ink which creates beautiful dreamy effects. For COCO-MAT she illustrated a bed sheet with paint live (I also got a painted goodie bag to take home with one of my favorite nature sounds: the sea). She also did work for one of my favorite jewelry brands: Ivy & Liv and the Volkshotel. She really has a signature style, with lots of popping colors. She is a very versatile creative too, she also works as a DJ in the DJ formation Pony Peaches and she teaches art class to kids (the Kidspiration Club). I was impressed with the COCO-MAT store too. The story behind this beautiful lifestyle brand really is amazing, I recommend watching this YouTube interview of Lilou Mace with COCO-MAT founder Paul Efmorfidis. He made ecology a way of life; he has no cell phone, cycles everywhere, […]

Pysop commercial Sherwin-Williams

It’s been a while since my last blogpost and that is no way to start off a brand new company I know I know, but I have a really good excuse. I really haven’t had time to write because I’ve been busy with a lot of new exciting assignments. It must seem pretty quiet over here, but I assure you it isn’t behind the scenes! I can’t really elaborate yet, because a lot of stuff is still in the embryo stage (contract drafts etc.) but I will disclose more a.s.a.p. I can mention that my first book review for the Dutch Future Society is online and I’m going to work more closely with clients to generate PR for them as agency. I’m now working behind the scenes to set this up so you can also see on my site which clients I represent. Exciting things, but of course it’s also very important to keep enjoying the little things in life. Balance is key! Inspired by the work of Mark Rothko and Georgia O’Keeffe, video production company Psyop made this captivating promotional video for Emerald paint brand and its range products Sherwin-Williams. Isn’t is beautiful? {Het is een tijdje geleden dat ik een blogpost schreef en dat […]