Truthful Consumerism

I’ve always been ambitious. Thinking ‘big’ comes naturally to me. Being ambitious doesn’t mean that you think you’re the bees knees or that everyone should think you’re great. Being ambitious for me means having big dreams (and acting on those dreams) to make the world a better place. I’m especially ambitious concerning the things I love most: increasing awareness and consciousness through working on books and other projects. My mission is to show people what’s possible; because life (and our future) is what you make of it. If you live your life consciously and with intent magic can enter the stage. I’ve long hidden my ambition since it would not be bon ton. We live in a Dutch society that encourages us to be average (or normal) and this was the hidden message for most of my working life. And to this day: when I tell someone about my ambitions, goals and dreams there are always those that think it’s all a bit much. Because who do I think I am to think and aspire all this? Because of this enduring belittling through the years I became smaller and smaller. I started to believe I wasn’t really meant for success. […]