Tilda Swinton – Cloakroom – Protest against Fast Fashion

Li Edelkoort has said it and Tilda Swinton is saying it: we must re-invent fashion and the fashion industry. We have become obsessed with collections and the ongoing thrill (and stress) of fashion weeks, media frenzy and fashion statements. We are no longer ‘connected’ to the process of garment making, design & production: fast fashion has become as fast as a McDonalds burger. We do not buy from need but from an insatiable hunger to BE fashionable, on the trend and hip in an ongoing rollercoaster of following the latest greatest. To live in a garment, to really inhabit it, has become rare; we wear our garments occasionally, they gather dust in our closets. In the case of some Hollywood celebrities these closets have become a shrine of sorts where the vintage Valentino or Gucci bag is adored, but never worn or taken out. We have become estranged from our clothes and their origin and we need to reconnect. Tilda Swinton who is always keen to raise awareness and ask questions through art, said she realized the importance of garment longevity after going through her late mother’s wardrobe. She told magazine i-D that “Clothes outlive us very, very often. You […]

Photography: Svjetlana Tepavcevic

I want to thank you all for your nice and positive feedback on the new site. I’m still working to change a couple of things, but ‘life is a work in progress’ as they say. In the meantime I’m happy to report I’m really busy! I’m working on a couple of assignments at the moment and on my second trend presentation. In scouring the internet for suitable imagery I came across these beautiful photographs by Svjetlana Tepavcevic of different types of seeds (do read her own motivation for this series at the bottom of this post). It made me think about seeds and seedlings and starting things small. Some small things grow out to be really big and that is my hope for Aurora. This time my trend presentation is about nature and specifically plants and our relation towards them now and in the future. It’s called: Me, my plant and I.  If you have any tips or suggestions having to do with plants, greenery in and around the house, new and exciting design having to do with plants, let me know! In other news I’m going to review trend books for the Dutch Future Society which I’m really excited about. Plus I […]

We are live! (Mercury was in retrograde)

Welcome dear souls on my new website and blog! I’m very happy to finally show you all the result of many months of work (and lots of almost-losing-it-experiences). For now the site is in Dutch only, but I’m working on incorporating a language plugin so please bear with me. There are some small bits that need adjusting and a newsletter plugin that needs to be set in place, but we’ll see to that too! This site has been a Process. From mapping out my new professional business to working on the actual site, I have learned a lot! I couldn’t have made this site without the invaluable WordPress help of Nina, the SEO crash-course of Saskia and countless others who have behind the scenes have been mostly incredibly enthusiastic about my new adventure. Those who weren’t were, I know, just warning me for being idealistic, naive and vague, in short they warned me for being me. So publishing and trendwatching is an unlikely combo, but hey, I’m here to show the world how this creative agency dedicated to conscious living can rock the world. In life we do have to follow our dream even if our dream brings us to […]

Byredo BLANCHE perfume

Welcome 2015! I do hope it will be an amazing new year wherein all your dreams may come true! It is, so I’ve been told, an excellent year for manifestation (according to astrology) so do make sure to manifest your dreams with a positive attitude and with pure intention. I wanted to share with you my lovely Christmas gift: the perfume BLANCHE by Byredo. I have to confess I’m a sucker for perfume and scent ever since I’ve read the book Perfume by Patrick Suskind. More recently I saw the film The Nose which I also obsessed over. In my next life I want to come back as a perfumer. I confess to stick my nose in every bottle in every expensive department store and after years of cheap perfumes I’ve ‘acquired’ a somewhat expensive taste. This also has to do with the fact that I seem to be allergic to all chemicals, so I need perfumes to be made with all natural ingredients (most cheaper perfumes are not). Byredo is Stockholm based fragrance house founded in 2006 by the tough looking (covered with tattoos) Ben Gorham. It’s focus lies on quality and craftsmanship and it’s products are sold in the more expensive […]

Happy Christmas & a BLESSed 2015!

I had plans to make a beautiful selfmade design for my Season Greetings this year, but somehow there were other things (buying gifts and wrapping gifts, thinking of desserts to make and more gift wrapping) and no time. There is always (or still) a difference between my plans and reality. “Life happens while you’re busy making plans” So true! I’m working on that! One of my new years resolutions is setting my intentions more clearer and working more diligently towards manifesting them. I do believe we are creators you see. At least we could be, if we trusted ourselves and the magical nature of this universe. If you don’t, well, then magic will not appear. It doesn’t work that way however much I wish it did. 2014 was an emotional and turbulent year for me, I trust 2015 will bring more joy and passion filled creations. I wish you all happy days and a BLESSed 2015! I posted this photo yesterday on my Instagram-account. For those of you who don’t follow me: I would love it if you would join me there! Ik had plannen om een geweldig mooi zelfgemaakt ontwerp te maken als feestdagen kaart dit jaar, maar op de […]

Photography: Anjès Gesink – Birds don’t cry

Birds don’t cry, small birdsuffering in a big city is a photography project and book by photographer Anjès Gesink in collaboration with André de Baerdemaeker, Ernest van der Kwast and Kees Moelike. It’s a book with portraits of birds that found their way to the Rotterdam bird sanctuary Vogelklas Karel Schot. The photo’s depict birds who are in need of a helping hand because they were in a difficult situation. They show the vulnerability of those small creatures that are totally surrendered to human hands and human mercy. They zoom in and allow us to look really close to these birds. How strange that these little beings still find their way in a big city and manage to survive and how sad that sometimes they don’t. These birds are a touch of innocence in an environment that can be brutal and in a way they also are meaningful for us as people living in that city. Because we are also vulnerable and the city can be alien for us too. Let’s look upon these small creatures a little more often and think twice before scaring away a pigeon. Beneath all the filth and sickness from the city there’s a shiny new bird that hopes to fly. […]

Great shops to visit in my hometown: MINGUZ

It’s been almost two years since we moved to Haarlem and I love this city a little bit more every day. I’ve never been that kind of person that feels at home in a particular city, I guess I have the soul of a wanderer, I can make my bed (or hut) everywhere and feel pretty much at ease (proof of this lies in the fact I’ve lived in Almere for more than a decade; a windy kind of place without any sort of creativeness to it). But, I have to admit I’m getting spoiled. I’m getting used to the cute shops and the cosy restaurants and the juicebars (BOS) and all the great places where you can find even greater coffee .(I could go on and on about Haarlem’s lovely shopping climate (the best of the country they say) but well, this post then would go on and on. For now I wanted to give you one great tip, a store that recently opened its doors, a hidden gem you have to make sure to visit. It’s called MINGUZ and it carries a selection of fine clothing brands, jewelry and lifestyle items. Head to Haarlem for your Christmas shopping! And […]

Carly Waito paintings – Amethyst

Lately I’ve been immersed in other worlds. I’m reading a lot of books and due to what’s turning out to be a true Netflix-addiction I’m also seeing a lot of series and movies. I’ve been busy organizing my Pinterest boards and added some new ones. Do have a look and follow me there! I’m having a month off from the Trendacademy and I’m making the most of it by trying to get as much inspiration as possible. I’m reading stuff about sacred geometry and crystals and since synchronicity is a thing in my life these days I came across these beautiful painted crystals by Carly Waito. I chose to feature the amethyst stone since it’s one of my personal favorites. A stone that comes in different hues of purple and pink. Amethyst is considered a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It facilitates the higher mind and it allows one to take action based on higher guidance and spiritual understanding. There are a lot more properties attributed to them, for more information I recommend reading The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian; a comprehensive encyclopedia of stones, minerals and crystals. I wish you all a peaceful and balanced december! […]

Lidewij Edelkoort – Vanities {the mythology of self}

I wanted to go to Lidewij Edelkoort for years. I’m a fan because I think she’s visually one of the strongest (if not the strongest) one in the field and her work is more than just showing the latest trends, it’s very nigh to making art. She’s considered the Grand Dame of trendwatching and her forecasts are world renowned. But, for years I simply missed her. That is to say until I started with trendwatching myself. Because as soon as I started with the Trendacademy this inspiring world of trendwatchers and trend forecasters opened before me and in a matter of months I saw the biggest names in the Dutch business. And then I got the opportunity to see Li. Of course I wanted to see Li. So I went to Vanities, her latest presentation of SS16 which was preceded by a presentation of active wear. Personally I don’t have a thing for active wear, but according to Lidewij active wear is going to be BIG. We all want comfort in our mobile lives and this comfort wear is going to the next level. She illustrated this by highlighting the sneaker trend and showing that sneakers have now made their […]

From the cutting room floor: Lourdes

I’ve been busy with working on my end presentation for module 1 of the Trendacademy (more on that later). It’s over now and it went well (although there’s always room for improvement) and now I have a month off. It’s already pretty much booked with spending the holidays with family and going to exhibitions and also with writing for this blog and the other one. So for now I wanted to leave you with a couple of photo’s (from the cutting room floor) I made during my summer holiday when we visited the most crazy touristy city I’ve ever been to: Lourdes. Well, I’ve been to other touristy cities of course, but religion was not the main attraction so to say and I’ve really marveled at this strange combination of religious worship and the commercialisation of everything from Maria to Bernadette and the baby Jezus. And all this without blinking an eye. Stores full of Maria’s and Bernadette’s and holy water and people stuffing their basket full with little statues, prayer images etc. It was strangely intriguing though. Ik heb het heel druk gehad met het werken aan mijn eindpresentatie voor module 1 van de Trendacademy (waarover later meer). Het […]