Covers revisited ^ David Mitchell – Cloud Atlas

One of my all-time favorite books is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I love that book for so many reasons, because it’s really well written but also very intricate, with many layers within the story like a matrouschka doll, but also or maybe the main reason is because, in my opinion, it’s a deeply spiritual novel. It has little to do with the weather though you might think so because of the title, well at least not in the literal sense. It has been turned into a movie with Halle Berry and Tom Hanks and although I was skeptical because I loved the book so much and because I saw no way of making these really impossible complicated stories that make up the fabric of this book into one entertaining story I do think the film is good in its own way. I made an alternative book cover for my favorite book a while back. David Mitchell went on and wrote more really good books, the man is a supernatural author. A literary hero of this day. Read this book or any book by him. You will not be disappointed.

Bernard Handick

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. I had a busy week and that somehow got the better of me. I’m feeling quite exhausted. The thing with a small child is that you simply never get a moment to yourself, well at least not a moment that lasts more than a small hour. I remember the days before I was  a mother, devoted to just organizing my kitchen cupboards or something. I have to confess I have no idea what’s in there now. Somehow everything seems dirty and in constant disarray and since I’m quite the control freak this weighs upon me. I have to remind myself there is a world of inspiration out there! With people like Bernard Handick who makes beautiful photographs and mixed media works. You can see more of his work here.

Kris Davidson

I bought a pink Moleskine notebook to document everything I have to remember, every little morsel of inspiration, ideas, dreams and to-do’s. It seems I have more and more things floating around in my head these days. Wearing all these different hats sometimes gets the better of me. I need to keep it all in one notebook to keep it from fluttering everywhere, starting four different blank pages in four different notebooks, I’m such a structure addict that way. So here’s to the divine order of things, the sacred geometry that defines our lives and everything around us. From seashells to sand, to water. These intricate artworks are made by Kris Davidson. Beautiful!

Photography: Sean Lynch – Infrared

I guess everything is a matter of perspective. Multiple realities existing next to each other. Once in a while you can get a glimpse of another reality and be amazed. There are lessons to be learned from this other dimension. If only we would try to see. I was struck by these infrared photo’s of Sean Lynch, aren’t they beautiful? A testimony of another reality existing and it’s fragile beauty. {All photo’s of Annapurna Himalayan Range – Sean Lynch copyright}

~ Fashion Friday // Victoria Beckham SS14 ~

When starting my blog I never could have suspected blogging so much about fashion. I mean, I knew I liked fashion, but how much I actually love it became apparent through this blog. I think I love it so much because it represents the direct union between beauty and you (or your body). It makes you part of the artwork or vision in a way no other art form can. I love musing about beautiful dresses and fabrics. I love the idea of a woman that matches with my esthetic. I can be obsessed with women and their details in their clothing, accessories and nail polish! So I’ve decided to regularly post about fashion and since the weekend usually is the time to wear something out of the ordinary I want to inspire you on Friday. This Friday, the first Fashion Friday, I want to talk about Victoria Beckham because sometimes life just deals you an unexpected one. Who knew Victoria Beckham actually was destined to become a fashion designer? I think it’s her best endeavor yet! Besides maybe baring children (she does that quite satisfactorily too). It took her some time to come into her own as a fashion […]

Visual storytelling

Some random images from Pinterest for your inspiration. I’m sorry I can’t make a collage out of them because that would be violating copyright laws. Although I promise I would do a very tasteful job… Found this incredible art director lady who makes beautiful work, her name is Caitlin van Horn. She writes that she found visual storytelling the most life-giving and the older i get the more visual sensitive I become. For me the most loveliest of unions is a written story with a beautiful image. You can think of your own story with these ones below. Happy weekend everyone! {1. gunn kristin monson / 2. tumblr   / 3. beatrice jansen}

Wallpaper love: Sandberg

I love wallpaper. The only reason I don’t have any wallpaper at home is because I can’t choose one and because my taste doesn’t necessarily correspond with that of my mister. I do love how it brings life to a room and really sets a specific mood. The difficult thing with me though is that I’m actually very eclectic (although obviously pastel tones are a favorite) and love so many styles. One that would fit very good in my current interior are these two lovely nature inspired wallpapers by the Swedish brand Sandberg. You can google for any retailers near you or if you live in Holland you can get them at one of my favorite Dutch interior designers (and webshop): Femkeido. Lovely aren’t they? {photo credits Sandberg the wallpapers are called Skymning and Gryning }

Illustration: Hsiao Ron Cheng

Life is busy with the usual stuff and days are flowing by. I’m looking forward to warmer days and summer. We will go to France again and I’m even secretly planning our vacation next year to America maybe! Little V. is three now and talks about everything. The other day he said: “I want to be BIG like Goofy.” *love* These paintings by Hsiao Ron Cheng (Taiwan, 1986) are really beautiful. I love her work. You can buy one of her prints here. Have a nice week everyone!

Fashion: Dennis Diem AFW 14

I got an invitation to attend the show of Dorhout Mees during the Amsterdam Fashion Week. I’m a big fan of her work so it was a pleasure to go. I thought her collection was beautiful, but the main colors didn’t appeal to me as much. I did however like her nature theme and think her work always is beautifully organic. I also saw some shots of the AW14 collection Opium Dream by Dennis Diem. I really liked his ethereal collection very much so I chose to feature some photo’s on the blog. I love collections that really emphasize the feminine and I thought Dennis really was successful in doing exactly that. The flow and cut of his dresses is really magnificent! His dresses are dreamlike but have a touch of the dark side… Remember his name! {Photo’s copyright Ganbaroo}

Blog favorite: Hysj

I’m totally in love with these two ladies. I’m an avid reader of their blogs By Fryd and Hilde Mork where they do nothing less than making art. They have an aesthetic that really resonates with me. They also have a shop where they sell beautiful quality pieces. If you are quick you can still join their giveaway! (I certainly am) {HYSJ 01 // AUGUST 2013 copyright HYSJ}