Photography: Anjès Gesink – Birds don’t cry

Birds don’t cry, small birdsuffering in a big city is a photography project and book by photographer Anjès Gesink in collaboration with André de Baerdemaeker, Ernest van der Kwast and Kees Moelike. It’s a book with portraits of birds that found their way to the Rotterdam bird sanctuary Vogelklas Karel Schot. The photo’s depict birds who are in need of a helping hand because they were in a difficult situation. They show the vulnerability of those small creatures that are totally surrendered to human hands and human mercy. They zoom in and allow us to look really close to these birds. How strange that these little beings still find their way in a big city and manage to survive and how sad that sometimes they don’t. These birds are a touch of innocence in an environment that can be brutal and in a way they also are meaningful for us as people living in that city. Because we are also vulnerable and the city can be alien for us too. Let’s look upon these small creatures a little more often and think twice before scaring away a pigeon. Beneath all the filth and sickness from the city there’s a shiny new bird that hopes to fly. […]