De bloemen van Anne ten Donkelaar

Toen ik een jaar of twintig was las ik op een theelabel de quote: “Geef alles, verwacht niets.” (het was op een theelabel van Celestial Seasonings – een van de eerste merken pure thee die destijds op de markt waren) De quote bleef maar door mijn hoofd spoken, want hebben we niet altijd verwachtingen? Over alles? Tegelijkertijd zorgen juist die verwachtingen voor teleurstellingen en verdriet. We hebben verwachtingen over hoe een relatie zou moeten zijn of we hebben grootse en meeslepende ideeën over hoe wij de wereld gaan veranderen. Als de verwachting niet overeenkomt met de werkelijkheid zijn we teleurgesteld en soms zelfs diep bedroefd. We slaan dicht en formuleren gedachten als: “Het lukt toch nooit.” of “Zie je wel dat ik niets waard ben?” Deze gedachten zorgen vervolgens weer voor nog meer mislukking, want hoe kun je iets positiefs verwachten als je vanuit negativiteit handelt? En als je niets moet verwachten impliceert dit dan ook niet meteen een soort gelatenheid? Een nonchalance over je leven? “Geef alles, verwacht niets” werd, kortom, mijn mantra. Ik dacht er veel over na tot ik dacht te begrijpen wat de zin wil zeggen. Geef alles betekent dat je moet geven ondanks het resultaat. […]

Designer Marjan van Aubel

Het is weer beurzentijd! In Londen vindt op dit moment de Londen Bookfair plaats en in Milaan is de belangrijkste interieurbeurs gaande: Salon del Mobile. Professionals in het boekenvak ontmoeten elkaar in Londen en in Milaan is elke designer, interieurontwerper en designliefhebber te vinden. Het lijkt me erg leuk om ook een keer naar Milaan te gaan, ik ga zeker kijken of ik volgend jaar kan gaan. Voor mij is het iedere keer een afweging naar welke beurs ik zal gaan. Het moet nuttig zijn, net uitkomen en ik moet er echt geïnspireerd raken en nieuwe dingen zien. Zo ga ik liever naar Frankfurt dan naar Londen, omdat het najaar in boekenland net iets belangrijker is dan het voorjaar (heeft met de feestdagen te maken). En na het bezoeken van M&O afgelopen september wil ik bijvoorbeeld ook nog graag naar Heimtextil. We zullen zien! Ik vind niets leuker dan over beurzen struinen, inspiratie opdoen, de laatste trends en ontwikkelingen zien en gelijkgestemden ontmoeten. In Milaan presenteren veel designers hun werk waaronder ook bijvoorbeeld Marjan van Aubel. Dit jaar zal zij te zien met het project ENERGIES UNSEEN dat zij samen met Jólan van der Wiel ontwikkelde. Ontwerpers Jólan van der Wiel […]

Pysop commercial Sherwin-Williams

It’s been a while since my last blogpost and that is no way to start off a brand new company I know I know, but I have a really good excuse. I really haven’t had time to write because I’ve been busy with a lot of new exciting assignments. It must seem pretty quiet over here, but I assure you it isn’t behind the scenes! I can’t really elaborate yet, because a lot of stuff is still in the embryo stage (contract drafts etc.) but I will disclose more a.s.a.p. I can mention that my first book review for the Dutch Future Society is online and I’m going to work more closely with clients to generate PR for them as agency. I’m now working behind the scenes to set this up so you can also see on my site which clients I represent. Exciting things, but of course it’s also very important to keep enjoying the little things in life. Balance is key! Inspired by the work of Mark Rothko and Georgia O’Keeffe, video production company Psyop made this captivating promotional video for Emerald paint brand and its range products Sherwin-Williams. Isn’t is beautiful? {Het is een tijdje geleden dat ik een blogpost schreef en dat […]

Art Expo Roxanne Dekker at COCO-MAT

This weekend I attended the art expo by Roxanne Dekker in the COCO-MAT store in Amsterdam. I was early so I got to shoot some photo’s of this beautiful conceptstore. I also had the opportunity to talk to Roxanne, a really sweet and talented lady. She uses music and nature sounds as her inspiration and puts them on paper (or another medium). She works a lot with ink which creates beautiful dreamy effects. For COCO-MAT she illustrated a bed sheet with paint live (I also got a painted goodie bag to take home with one of my favorite nature sounds: the sea). She also did work for one of my favorite jewelry brands: Ivy & Liv and the Volkshotel. She really has a signature style, with lots of popping colors. She is a very versatile creative too, she also works as a DJ in the DJ formation Pony Peaches and she teaches art class to kids (the Kidspiration Club). I was impressed with the COCO-MAT store too. The story behind this beautiful lifestyle brand really is amazing, I recommend watching this YouTube interview of Lilou Mace with COCO-MAT founder Paul Efmorfidis. He made ecology a way of life; he has no cell phone, cycles everywhere, […]

Tilda Swinton – Cloakroom – Protest against Fast Fashion

Li Edelkoort has said it and Tilda Swinton is saying it: we must re-invent fashion and the fashion industry. We have become obsessed with collections and the ongoing thrill (and stress) of fashion weeks, media frenzy and fashion statements. We are no longer ‘connected’ to the process of garment making, design & production: fast fashion has become as fast as a McDonalds burger. We do not buy from need but from an insatiable hunger to BE fashionable, on the trend and hip in an ongoing rollercoaster of following the latest greatest. To live in a garment, to really inhabit it, has become rare; we wear our garments occasionally, they gather dust in our closets. In the case of some Hollywood celebrities these closets have become a shrine of sorts where the vintage Valentino or Gucci bag is adored, but never worn or taken out. We have become estranged from our clothes and their origin and we need to reconnect. Tilda Swinton who is always keen to raise awareness and ask questions through art, said she realized the importance of garment longevity after going through her late mother’s wardrobe. She told magazine i-D that “Clothes outlive us very, very often. You […]

Photography: Svjetlana Tepavcevic

I want to thank you all for your nice and positive feedback on the new site. I’m still working to change a couple of things, but ‘life is a work in progress’ as they say. In the meantime I’m happy to report I’m really busy! I’m working on a couple of assignments at the moment and on my second trend presentation. In scouring the internet for suitable imagery I came across these beautiful photographs by Svjetlana Tepavcevic of different types of seeds (do read her own motivation for this series at the bottom of this post). It made me think about seeds and seedlings and starting things small. Some small things grow out to be really big and that is my hope for Aurora. This time my trend presentation is about nature and specifically plants and our relation towards them now and in the future. It’s called: Me, my plant and I.  If you have any tips or suggestions having to do with plants, greenery in and around the house, new and exciting design having to do with plants, let me know! In other news I’m going to review trend books for the Dutch Future Society which I’m really excited about. Plus I […]

We are live! (Mercury was in retrograde)

Welcome dear souls on my new website and blog! I’m very happy to finally show you all the result of many months of work (and lots of almost-losing-it-experiences). For now the site is in Dutch only, but I’m working on incorporating a language plugin so please bear with me. There are some small bits that need adjusting and a newsletter plugin that needs to be set in place, but we’ll see to that too! This site has been a Process. From mapping out my new professional business to working on the actual site, I have learned a lot! I couldn’t have made this site without the invaluable WordPress help of Nina, the SEO crash-course of Saskia and countless others who have behind the scenes have been mostly incredibly enthusiastic about my new adventure. Those who weren’t were, I know, just warning me for being idealistic, naive and vague, in short they warned me for being me. So publishing and trendwatching is an unlikely combo, but hey, I’m here to show the world how this creative agency dedicated to conscious living can rock the world. In life we do have to follow our dream even if our dream brings us to […]

Photography: Anjès Gesink – Birds don’t cry

Birds don’t cry, small birdsuffering in a big city is a photography project and book by photographer Anjès Gesink in collaboration with André de Baerdemaeker, Ernest van der Kwast and Kees Moelike. It’s a book with portraits of birds that found their way to the Rotterdam bird sanctuary Vogelklas Karel Schot. The photo’s depict birds who are in need of a helping hand because they were in a difficult situation. They show the vulnerability of those small creatures that are totally surrendered to human hands and human mercy. They zoom in and allow us to look really close to these birds. How strange that these little beings still find their way in a big city and manage to survive and how sad that sometimes they don’t. These birds are a touch of innocence in an environment that can be brutal and in a way they also are meaningful for us as people living in that city. Because we are also vulnerable and the city can be alien for us too. Let’s look upon these small creatures a little more often and think twice before scaring away a pigeon. Beneath all the filth and sickness from the city there’s a shiny new bird that hopes to fly. […]

Lidewij Edelkoort – Vanities {the mythology of self}

I wanted to go to Lidewij Edelkoort for years. I’m a fan because I think she’s visually one of the strongest (if not the strongest) one in the field and her work is more than just showing the latest trends, it’s very nigh to making art. She’s considered the Grand Dame of trendwatching and her forecasts are world renowned. But, for years I simply missed her. That is to say until I started with trendwatching myself. Because as soon as I started with the Trendacademy this inspiring world of trendwatchers and trend forecasters opened before me and in a matter of months I saw the biggest names in the Dutch business. And then I got the opportunity to see Li. Of course I wanted to see Li. So I went to Vanities, her latest presentation of SS16 which was preceded by a presentation of active wear. Personally I don’t have a thing for active wear, but according to Lidewij active wear is going to be BIG. We all want comfort in our mobile lives and this comfort wear is going to the next level. She illustrated this by highlighting the sneaker trend and showing that sneakers have now made their […]

‘The Maybe’ – Tilda Swinton in MoMA

I love Tilda Swinton. I think she is the most ‘original’ person ever. She recently was in an art piece called The Maybe in MoMA, because, well nobody knows exactly why, but she probably felt like lying around in a glass box and call it: The Maybe (which is a beautiful poetic title). You can fill in your own story here. The museum’s statement read: An integral part of The Maybe’s incarnation at MoMA in 2013 is that there is no published schedule for its appearance, no artist’s statement released, no museum statement beyond this brief context, no public profile or image issued. Those who find it chance upon it for themselves, live and in real – shared – time: now we see it, now we don’t.”