DDW14 Dutch Design Week II

I made so many photo’s during DDW I had to write another post on it (and maybe I will write another one, who knows?) Everything was so beautifully styled and perfect. It was just a photographer’s dream. You could just take photo’s all day long. One of the most beautiful things I saw were the silk fabrics by Hilde Koenders. I loved their delicacy and the geometric, abstract shapes made out of tulip petals that were reminscent of faces. Tulipbulbs were imported from Turkey during the golden age at excessively high prices. This work pays tribute to this historical fact by a series of abstract different compositions made with dried tulip leaves.  As a matter of fact I noticed a lot of delicate, airy, soft objects at DDW. The laser cut-out garments in black and white by Martijn van Strien, the Airplanting work by Carolijn Slottje for bringing nature inside for indoor people and the very special Carpet Versatile Volumes made by Tijmen Smeulders.

DDW14 Dutch Design Week I

So I went to the Dutch Design Week last Thursday and Friday. I really had the most inspiring two days (with a dramatic ending but more on that later). I loved being there on my own (a luxury as a mother) and I saw a lot. On Thursday I covered the central area starting with the VanAbbemuseum, Cityhall and the design route in the centre and on Friday I went to the Strijp Area and Piet Hein Eek. I especially loved this area and PHE also was great! Highlights for me were the Graduation Show of the Dutch Design Academy, Klokgebouw and the Schellensfactory. A lot of other bloggers wrote about the DDW so you can’t have missed it! Lonneke Huijbregts from Bubblemint organized a bloggerscafe for the first time during the DDW where bloggers gathered for a meet and greet. I met the lovely ladies behind Coosje and ViaMartine in person, I love it when online and offline sometimes meet! The turnout this year was even greater than last year, people know to find this event more and more. Make sure to come next year! I will! {1. Inventory – Atelier NL Sandbank Ongoing / 2. Klokgebouw / 3. […]


I have said it before, but I have trouble with having a strong opinion about something. Just because I think subjectivity is at the root of everything and the world is just a stage on which you perform a role. If you’re a dramatic person all you will see is emotion, if you’re very analytical all you will notice is the logic behind things. Things are not about things, they are about the people who see them (and beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Truth is not about truth, it’s personal. So all we do is organize things and come up with our own personal stories. The interesting part is the part where the stories meet, where there is some sort of common ground. Today at Trendacademy one of the teachers said trendwatching is all about organizing. The story comes when you connect the dots. And then still, it’s your personal story because you’re doing the organizing. I think that’s very intriguing. In my search for suitable images for this week’s assignment with the theme ‘ageing population‘ these photo’s by Karsten Thormaelen caught my eye. He photographed women and men that had reached the respectable age of 100. His […]

Art eye: Lotta Blokker

The bronze sculptures Lotta Blokker creates are somewhat creepy because they are incredibly lifelike. I think bronze is a really extraordinary medium to work with because of its characteristics. Through time bronze changes color and some areas of the work become shiny or greenish. Bronze is solid hard on the outside, but essentially it’s a mould so the inside is empty. It made me think about the people who modeled for Lotta. Being immortalized in bronze, your (young) body preserved for ages to come. Wouldn’t it be extremely weird to visit it when you are old and to know it can potentially survive for ages? Bronze also reminds me of one of my first art crushes: Camille Claudel who had a relationship with the famous sculptor Auguste Rodin. Camille led an interesting life, she was drawn to the arts as much as Rodin but as a woman wasn’t taken as serious. Her work is beautifully wild and passionate. She said sculpting was the real deal (as opposed to painting) because it’s three dimensional and because of that it can harness more emotion. Where Camille’s work is a scream of passion, Lotta Blokker’s is demure and full of supressed emotion. Beautiful! […]

ShowUp (again)

I felt really inspired after visiting ShowUp this weekend. After I saw all these creative people living their dream by ‘creating’ I thought more about my creative dreams and about finding a way to do something with them. The problem with me is that I like so many different things. I like photography and fashion, design and illustration to name just a few. And then there is this whole ‘spiritual’ side of me (which I rarely share here). How can I ever choose one thing? Sometimes I feel I’m doomed not being really good in anything (creative I mean). “The difference between them and you is that they just do it.” Nina said to me and she is right of course although she’s putting a little bit too much trust in my talent… Having the guts and just going for it! Not being over analytical and critical! Not being an absolute perfectionist! The art of letting go… and just doing it! {1. Flower by Vlinder&Vogel / 2. Belgian made cute retro style by Froy & Dind / 3. Candles and more beauty by Mo man tai / 4. Two sisters living the dream (and making amazing stuff while doing so: […]


I’m a total Instagram-fan from the very beginning and all these new photo apps to me are just like heaven. You can make amazing collages without Photoshop (which is on my wish list for a long time). I think it’s great, although I don’t know how companies like Adobe feel about apps like Bazaart. To me however there can never be enough art and enough people that are able to make art (or beautiful things). All these apps for me signify a lot of happiness, an outlet for creativity. Pure magic!  

Blog favorite: Violets

Once in a while you come across a blog that you mark as favorite and keep on visiting. Violets is one of those. I love this blog (and it really helps my German too). Author Steffi is also a very talented photographer. I love these aquarium shots she made in the zoo. Can you believe the colors?! Really one to watch!

Photography: Margaux Roy

I find myself in an altogether different life these days and I’m settling in slowly. I’m enjoying the warm weather, all the neighborhood children are outside all the time and my little boy is having the time of his life. Last week I went to Le Bric a Brac and found some great vintage treasures. It was a perfect sun filled day. I’m already looking forward to next years edition. We’re having fun at the yearly carnival and at the beach! You can never have enough days like that! I’m seriously working on my tan. How about these beautiful light filled photographs of the French Margaux Roy. Light is everywhere! These are called SUN and BARBAPAPA.


Yesterday I thought about being a mother and about how hard and surreal I think it is. Still. I see my boy growing up so fast and I can barely keep up. It’s still unimaginable that he’s my son, my incredible special boy. I do hope you all had a special Mothersday on which you honored the women that brought you into this life. However strange, intense, hard, loving or confusing your own relationship with your mother may be, she is still the one who held you when you cried at night. Or sat with you when you were sick. When I think about the love I received from my mother (and still do), I feel I’m blessed and I hope I can be half as good a mother as she was to me. {1. Tamara Muller / 2. Nancy Straughan}