Maryanne Moodie

It’s been a while since I wrote a blogpost. A lot has happened in my little life, I left my job after six years and because it was a job I cherished it was all very emotional. However I do think it is for the best. I wasn’t happy for a while and didn’t feel it was the place for me anymore. Sometimes life gives you lemons and then you need to make lemonade. I will try to seize this opportunity to find out my true passion and hopefully somewhere along the road I will find a job again that I love. This really is a time to weave a new life for myself. Speaking of weaving: I found these incredible tapestries made by Maryanne Moodie. She makes collections for private and commercial clients and I think her work is really beautiful. They are a bit expensive, but who knows: maybe we’ll win the lottery some day! Or I can take up weaving!

Julie Filipenko

How I wish I could draw like… Julie Filipenko. I would buy me some nice pencils and create a nice place to work and then sketch and draw all day long. We have a calm weekend ahead. I wish you a happy Eastern and hope you will have some time to join the easter egg hunt!

Georgina Santiago

These are trying times. I’m on the verge of taking a leap that is taking me away from comfort and habit. It means leaving things behind I love. At the same time I feel that it’s the right thing to do. This work by Spanish artist Georgina Santiago struck a chord. The vulnerability of her work really appeals to me. The upper image is from her graduate collection which is about the aesthetic effect of unpleasant feelings. Can beauty be found in the unpleasant? I think so. I believe that even the most trying and ugly experiences can bring us closer to beauty and truth. The other image is from her collection INHALE. Just breathe.

Bernard Handick

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. I had a busy week and that somehow got the better of me. I’m feeling quite exhausted. The thing with a small child is that you simply never get a moment to yourself, well at least not a moment that lasts more than a small hour. I remember the days before I was  a mother, devoted to just organizing my kitchen cupboards or something. I have to confess I have no idea what’s in there now. Somehow everything seems dirty and in constant disarray and since I’m quite the control freak this weighs upon me. I have to remind myself there is a world of inspiration out there! With people like Bernard Handick who makes beautiful photographs and mixed media works. You can see more of his work here.

Kris Davidson

I bought a pink Moleskine notebook to document everything I have to remember, every little morsel of inspiration, ideas, dreams and to-do’s. It seems I have more and more things floating around in my head these days. Wearing all these different hats sometimes gets the better of me. I need to keep it all in one notebook to keep it from fluttering everywhere, starting four different blank pages in four different notebooks, I’m such a structure addict that way. So here’s to the divine order of things, the sacred geometry that defines our lives and everything around us. From seashells to sand, to water. These intricate artworks are made by Kris Davidson. Beautiful!

Photography: Sean Lynch – Infrared

I guess everything is a matter of perspective. Multiple realities existing next to each other. Once in a while you can get a glimpse of another reality and be amazed. There are lessons to be learned from this other dimension. If only we would try to see. I was struck by these infrared photo’s of Sean Lynch, aren’t they beautiful? A testimony of another reality existing and it’s fragile beauty. {All photo’s of Annapurna Himalayan Range – Sean Lynch copyright}

Visual storytelling

Some random images from Pinterest for your inspiration. I’m sorry I can’t make a collage out of them because that would be violating copyright laws. Although I promise I would do a very tasteful job… Found this incredible art director lady who makes beautiful work, her name is Caitlin van Horn. She writes that she found visual storytelling the most life-giving and the older i get the more visual sensitive I become. For me the most loveliest of unions is a written story with a beautiful image. You can think of your own story with these ones below. Happy weekend everyone! {1. gunn kristin monson / 2. tumblr   / 3. beatrice jansen}

Illustration: Hsiao Ron Cheng

Life is busy with the usual stuff and days are flowing by. I’m looking forward to warmer days and summer. We will go to France again and I’m even secretly planning our vacation next year to America maybe! Little V. is three now and talks about everything. The other day he said: “I want to be BIG like Goofy.” *love* These paintings by Hsiao Ron Cheng (Taiwan, 1986) are really beautiful. I love her work. You can buy one of her prints here. Have a nice week everyone!

Blog favorite: Hysj

I’m totally in love with these two ladies. I’m an avid reader of their blogs By Fryd and Hilde Mork where they do nothing less than making art. They have an aesthetic that really resonates with me. They also have a shop where they sell beautiful quality pieces. If you are quick you can still join their giveaway! (I certainly am) {HYSJ 01 // AUGUST 2013 copyright HYSJ}

Illustration: Joel Pinkman

These illustrations by Joel Pinkman which I found on one of my favorite current blogs The Jealous Curator just make me smile and I thought they are very fitting since everyone around me is talking about New Year’s resolutions. I’ve decided to skip the usual resolutions for once like dieting, exercising etc. I will not drive myself crazy by listing everything I think needs changing and then after a couple of months having to conclude most of it didn’t stick. I’m intrigued by resolutions though, I’ve read once you have to incorporate a change for 27 days in a row because that’s the amount of time your brain needs to view the change as routine. I thought this is ironic since I was born on the 27th and the number 7 has always played an important part in my life. So for me more mental resolutions like just taking the days as they come, listening to my body and to its needs, trying to float through life positively and staying true to me. How about that! O, and I totally agree with Rivka’s resolutions which you can read here.  And if you will now excuse me, I’m gonna eat a cookie (or […]