Exhibition at FridayNext: Lyndie Dourthe

You all know how much of a fan I am of the French Lyndie Dourthe so when I heard that her work would be exhibited at one of my favorite stores in Amsterdam: FridayNext, I just had to go! It was a small but lovely exhibition that is certainly worth the visit. Her little globe universes always are so beautifully intricate and detailed to perfection. I would love to have one of her works someday, but in the meantime I will just have to look at these photo’s.

Photography: Annie Marie Musselman

Sometimes you see a book that really makes an impression. That happened to me in Frankfurt when I saw this beautiful book with photo’s by Annie Marie Musselman by Kehrer Verlag. The book is called Finding Trust and features photo’s taken at the Sarvey Wildlife Center of different animals that were rescued by the center. They suffered a trauma of some sort and needed to literally find trust again in life. The book really shows the vulnerability of animals and their innate innocence. I think humans have a responsibility to care for them, since we are the stronger species, but unfortunately we rather take advantage of our position. There seems to be no room in our self-made environment for wildlife anymore and we see fit to expose them to horrible pain and death. Of course this is devastating and it needs to stop. There is so much we can learn by looking at nature. About innocence and unconditional love and how we are all ONE. Photographer Annie Marie Musselman started this project seven years ago and while documenting their lives she was also involved with helping the patients. In turn they helped heal her from the grief of her parents […]

Artist: Harland Miller

Harland Miller (1964) calls himself an international Lonely Guy. He is a writer and an artist and these two professions are beautifully combined in his work. I love these Penguin-cover-inspired paintings. Don’t you?

Yoshimasa Tsuchiya

I will let you in on a little secret about me: I tend to not have opinions about stuff. It’s not that I don’t care about what’s going on in the world or that I don’t think about things. I just get overwhelmed sometimes with people ventilating their opinions as absolute truths. I’m always struck by the incredible complicatedness of things. Take politics for instance; people go on and on about what goes wrong there while I’m thinking about the ten thousand committees that have to cast a vote on a particular bill even before it’s implemented. This takes years and years so by the time people can actually measure the effect of their work they have already been replaced by new idealists in a new election. To be a politician is an incredible hard job (it’s like doing your incredible important job that effects millions of lives while being scrutinized by millions of people not ever giving you the benefit of the doubt). I wouldn’t want to be a politician! And I feel that way about lots of stuff; like wars (what’s the real story there: I wouldn’t claim to have that knowledge – just what’s being portrayed in […]

Photography: Billy & Hells

I am a sucker for nice covers and sometimes even buy a book or magazine just for it’s amazing cover. I know that it works that way (at least for me) so in my work I always try to make the most appealing covers possible (you know, with deadlines, budgets, different opinions etc.). When I saw the latest GUP I just had to buy it because of the beautiful photo on the cover by Billy & Hells. They make pretty amazing work, very painteresque and reminiscent of the old masters. { All photo’s copyright Billy & Hells – 1. Laura en profil / 2. 1979 / 3. Luca }

Artist: Lyndie Dourthe

It seems somewhat ‘incroyable’ I haven’t blogged about the French Lyndie Dourthe, since I secretly want to BE her. I’m just that much of a fan. In my opinion she’s just about as beautiful a creator as they come. She creates intricate sculptures made of fabric and often places these pieces under glass in a delicate composition. It took her many years to perfect her unique technique of painting the fabric and her atelier must be a rare magical collection where dreams do come true. With recent features in MILK magazine and FLOW her work is gaining international attention. I bought a little ladybug years ago and like to think I discovered her first *wink*. { All photo’s copyright Lyndie Dourthe website }

Painter: Ryan Pickart

I have to admit I’m slowly getting used to our home life after our holiday. My calendar is slowly filling up with all sort of fun appointments and work appointments, but I’m trying to just think ahead one week at a time. I love these paintings by Ryan Pickart. I’m still searching for the ultimate painting-above-couch.

Workshop: Heute Urlaub

It’s been a little bit quiet here, not because there is something amiss (I really like that word, reminds me a bit of Shakespeare), but because my days were filled with happy things and nice weather. Summer seems to have finally set in here and then everything feels better doesn’t it? Last Saturday I finally had the chance to visit concept store Urlaub in Utrecht and did my very first screen printing workshop by Femke from Windstilte. I went together with Rivka and Nina who are turning out to be my regular workshop buddies and I really was happy with the end result. We made a scarf (mine was grey) and had to come up with a simple form to screen print. I chose a pink circle. I wanted to do a second round to finish my ‘design’ and add another smaller circle, in a different color, but as it turned out we didn’t have time for one because well, we ate cake and chatted and shopped so time flew by. If you have a chance to visit Urlaub and the lovely Ellen please do! I recommend doing a workshop! (and am already checking out the fall program – like […]

In memoriam: Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht

This week the colorful Gisèle d’Ailly van Waterschoot van der Gracht died at the respectable age of 100. She led a fascinating, creative life and she reminded me a little of my grandmother. Like my grandmother she was an artist and like my grandmother she was an eccentric person who never fell ill and was youthful and playful up to the end. On one of my favorite sites Freunde von Freunden she was interviewed in november of 2012 when she just turned 100, it’s really a nice interview with beautiful photo’s by Jordi Huisman. Cees van Ede made a documentary about her some years ago that you can find here. I don’t think she had any children or any next of kin and since I heard the news of her death I keep wondering what will happen with her legacy, her beautiful house and work. I somehow miss her although I never knew her. {All photo’s by Jordi Huisman except the first found on Pinterest }

Yago Partal: Zoo portraits

I found these by Yago Partal and they really made me smile. Aren’t they just exactly like people? We’re still waiting for some sunshine here… I do hope summer starts soon!