Tate Modern London #3

As promised my post about Tate Modern. I really loved that museum, not just because it was nearby our hotel, but also because it’s a great building (I actually loved the building even more than the actual collection – although that was pretty great too). In museums I’m always intrigued by people looking at art. I mean the gaze is a much debated subject in psychoanalysis  and a popular question in philosophy or cultural analysis is where does meaning start? Is it indeed with the artwork itself, with the viewer or somewhere in between, in what we can call the narrative of art? Anyway, I will not turn this into a philosophical discussion, but the photo’s of Tate I took are somewhat ‘indirect’ since I only photographed people having the experience of art which I find very intriguing.

Photography: David Stephenson

When I was in college we had a course about the concept of the sublime which has made a lasting impression on me and so I was immediately drawn to these photo’s by David Stephenson. His meditation on the sublime has really influenced his artistic practice and his photographs of the sublime ceilings of European sacred architecture have been published in two monographs: Visions of Heaven: The Dome in European Architecture (2005) and Heavenly Vaults: From Romanesque to Gothic in European Architecture (2009, and showcased worldwide in many exhibitions. They are truly sublime. “In aesthetics, the sublime (from the Latin sublīmis) is the quality of greatness, whether physical, moral, intellectual, metaphysical, aesthetic, spiritual or artistic. The term especially refers to a greatness beyond all possibility of calculation, measurement or imitation.” {1.Sala de las Dos Hermanas, Alhambra, Granada, Spain, 2003 / 2.Chapter House, York Minster, York, England, 2006 / 3. ?? / 4. Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza, Rome, Italy, 1997}

Photography: Laurent Chehere – Flying Houses

Lately I’ve been having trouble remembering my dreams. Each morning when I wake up I immediately forget that I’ve dreamt let alone remember exactly what it was. I really feel I’m missing out on something. I used to have these elaborate dreams and I’ve always given them some sort of significance like they were trying to tell me something. But, lately it’s been very quiet on that front. I remember this one dream I had years ago of a piece of rock that was floating in the air on the edge of a beach. There was a beautiful castle built on that rock. These pictures by Laurent Chehere reminded me of that dream, but then a little bit different of course. I just have this fascination for anything up in the air.

Artist: Femmy Otten

Looking back I should have gone to the Art Academy or something like that. I don’t know if I would have been any good, but I’ve always felt that if I would have been challenged in a constructive way I could have surprised myself. Sometimes I reminisce and dream of the old forgotten days when you started as an apprentice and slowly but surely learned the trade in that way. I’ve always wanted to work with my hands but at the same time I’m really typically a thinker. This is why I so much respect artists and creatives. The work by Femmy Otten (1981) is really intriguing, I like her use of colors (soft pastel) and her three dimensional work. She makes murals and installations that are reminiscent of myths and has a definite connection to the classical fresco’s. She has an impressive art resume and has been making her mark in the international art world. Wouldn’t it be lovely to have such talent and to maybe someday hang in a museum with your work? To have your art as a legacy? So it can continue to speak after you yourself have gone.  The following text can be found on the […]

Meet the Tweet revisited

When I went to Meet the Tweet last Sunday (thanks again Nina, Rivka and Ria) it was actually one of our conversation topics: why post something about something when others have posted about that something. Is there anything you can add? I thought about that conversation while I postponed writing about MTT. You see, I was a little bit shy. Because how could I add something when so many attending had written so many good posts already? But then I remembered our conclusion: you always have something to bring to the table when it’s in your tone of voice or when it’s drenched in your particular ‘style’. And I remembered what I thought was the great positive about that Sunday: it was meeting so many talented and passionate Dutch ladies. I really was blown away by how amazing some of their products were. I have this awe for anyone with the creative gene, maybe because I lack it. So here are some examples of the talent of some of my (new) favorite creative ladies. In the little booklet Nina made all the attendees have written some quotes and blogtips. If you would like to get your hands on a copy, […]

Illustration: Olaf Hajek- Little Gurus

I’ve been a fan of Olaf Hajek’s illustrations for a long time, but now I found out he made a children’s book on yoga. I practice yoga myself (I even did a teachers course at one time, although unfortunately I did not finish it due to circumstances) so you may understand my excitement. Wouldn’t the world be a more lovely place if we all just did an adho mukha svanasana or an utthita trikonasana once in a while?  {The book is only available in German you can try to buy it here}

Designer spotlight: Hattie Newman {paperartist}

I hope you all had a fine weekend? I spent Saturday at this year’s edition of PapierHier in Amsterdam. It was the first time I attended this heaven for paper lovers. I had a great time getting to know all sorts of different paper and getting inspired by people who love paper just as much as I do. I felt like this whole world opened it’s doors to me. I just had no idea of the variety! The event was hosted by Antalis one of the leading paper company’s in Holland. One of the people who gave a lecture was Hattie Newman. This London based set designer and imagemaker works a lot with paper and can count such names as Louis Vuitton, Honda, GAP, The Times etc. among her clients. She seemed like such a sweet little thing! I just couldn’t believe she was the person behind all this beautiful work! I also made a card with a letterpress. I loved it and I would really like to do a workshop or course in letterpress techniques someday so if you have any suggestions? {1. Installation Grafik Magazine Free Range Birds / 2. Ice lollies personal project / 3. Madame Magazine […]

Photography: Blossom by Hermine van Dijck

A while ago I came across the journal de jours blog of Hermine van Dijck. She is a textile designer living in Antwerp and I was intrigued by her name because Hermine is actually the name of my mother and van Dijck sounds like the name of a painter, come to think of it: isn’t it the name of a painter? So I began following her blog. I love her love for the simple things, her style is clean and arty. Blossom actually is a limited edition book with photo’s by Eefje de Coninck (another beautiful name) and with textiles by Hermine. It immediately struck a chord so I was very happy that Hermine gave her blog readers the possibility to buy a copy of the book. I do love it, It is tender and dreamy and the photo’s seem to tell a story. Those are the best photo’s. You can also purchase the book on Eefje’s site by the way.

Some things I love #2

I had a wonderful weekend. On Sunday I met some Twitter friends in real life at a Twitter meet-up (thanks for hosting Rivka!). And last Friday I was at the Dyson blogger event. I met some other bloggers, got a lot of information on the latest Dyson product and ate delicious little cakes. So for now just some things I love. Happy week everyone! {1. Andrew Holder Sun Chaser print  / 2. Bookhou bag / 3. Fine Little Day porcelain tea set via Stoer in Style / 4.Lizzy Stewart book Toska.

Photography: Elena Kalis – Alice in Wonderland

We voted today for a new government and let me tell you it was quite the election! The end result still isn’t in, but it’s looking better that it did last time… I think…The last weeks though I felt like we lived in a topsy-turfy world where people with few good ideas have the most words and where arrogance versus self-confidence thread a fine line. What is it the Cheshire cat says to Alice when she asks which road she should take  (which is remarkably relevant fitting the current political situation of our country)? “Where do you want to go? he asked. “I don’t know.”  Alice answered. “Well, then it doesn’t much matter which road you take.” These beautiful underwater photo’s are by Elena Kalis. Aren’t they beautiful? PS: You can still enter my Kindred Spirits #5 giveaway. Please do and spread the word!