Illustration: Izziyana Suhaimi

I was thoroughly impressed by these artworks by Izziyana Suhaimi (how beautifully exotic is that name!). I love the combination of illustration with embroidery and the black and white with the colour that the embroidery brings. I love the artist’s vision, her use of colour, the beautifully intricate drawings. Well, actually I love everything about this. Which is why I couldn’t help myself but share it with you.

~ Magazine madness #1 ~

I love reading. My first love are books (which is why I’m into publishing) but nowadays I also love reading inspiring blogs and beautiful magazines. I think there’s nothing like the perfect combination of image and text, but I also love the feel and smell of paper which is why I don’t think actual books will disappear. I would love to share some of my online and offline magazine inspiration. Unfortunately not every magazine is available in Holland, but if you can get your hands on one abroad please do! You won’t regret it! In “real” magazine heaven I like The Gentlewoman magazine: “a biannual magazine for modern women of style and purpose“. It celebrates women and their accomplishments in beautiful photography, interviews and inspirational articles. Another great read is Australian based Frankie magazine, an eclectic blend of art, fashion, pretty photography, interesting reads and real stories of real people. Like another one of my favorite magazines, they also create spin-off publication which you can buy at their shop. {The Gentlewoman issue 1 cover with Phoebe Philo with spreads from issue 5 Tilda Swinton styled by Jonathan Kaye, photographed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby} {Frankie cover issue 47 – Frankie also offers a digital version}

Kindred spirits #2: Elle aime

After my involuntary blogbreak and the most hectic weeks maybe all-time, we are now more and more settling in our new home. In the coming weeks I will share with you parts of our new house, but for now I wanted to share with you the interview I had with Lisa Manuels owner of Shop elle aime. I love her illustrations and workshops, I made buttons and did a bookbinding workshop last weekend with tweeps Rivka from rrauw and Nina from Paper stories. Lisa is just the most lovely person and I was very pleased she agreed to answer my questions. Who are you and what it is that you do exactly? My name is Lisa Manuels and I make illustrations, I create, collect, sell and give workshops! In the north of Rotterdam I own a small shop named Elle aime. There I sell my own illustrations and creations, but also those of other designers and creators from all over the world. I also organise and teach many different creative workshops there. How did you get to be so creative? Probably because it runs in the family a little bit. Actually almost everyone I know is creative, everyone in his […]

Natalie Nicklin

Using Pinterest can be very comforting. You find out things about yourself you didn’t have a clue you had, like a dormant love for cute animal photo’s or you discover a distinct pattern in pinning. As I was searching for some inspiration I stumbled on the work of Natalie Nicklin and it was just the kind of thing that really resonated with me. I think she uses the perfect colour palet and the combination of abstract modern elements with the old fashioned collage is just beautiful. It lifted my spirits big time. What do you think? {1. Locals Only London 2. Quinque Orbis 3. Reflection – Natalie Nicklin’s work can also be found on Society6

Craft: Abigail Brown

I came across these exceptionally crafted birds in one of my favourite online magazines; Covet Garden. They are made by British artist Abigail Brown. Aren’t they lovely? She produces her birds entirely by hand, in her studio in London, England. They are crafted from both new and reused materials. Each piece is unique, no two pieces will ever be the same. I do like birds. I also think each bird has a symbolic meaning like for instance the swan (meaning purity, love, grace, sincerity and beauty) or the kingfisher (meaning peace and prosperity). My favorite bird is the hummingbird. What’s yours?

Mixed media: Laura McKellar

Don’t you just love this mixed media portrait? I love how you can completely change the atmosphere of a photo by adding an illustration and different colours. I like the mixture of real and fantasy. Our very existence is real and phantasmagorical at the same time. We all life and breathe and walk this earth while our heads and hearts are filled with imaginary things, hopes, dreams and nightmares. My ex-boyfriend once asked me why I believed there was something more then just this life. I said I couldn’t believe our thoughts, our inner feelings, our unspoken words and everything we keep inside would just be biology. I still don’t believe that. This beautiful work is by the talented Australian Laura McKellar. I love the bird crown this sixties woman is wearing. I would love to wear a bird all day! You can buy Laura’s work online in her shop.  

At the Frankfurt Fair – 2011

Yesterday I returned from the annual Frankfurt Buchmesse. I really like going there as part of my job (acquiring rights for new bookprojects) but it’s also really inspiring, for anyone who loves books. You get to see a lot of of recent and new releases just before they hit the bookshops and you can wander endlessly through the different halls (divided by country) with all kind of different topics. EVERY book that you can order is represented there. It’s fantastic! Just below I’ve included some pictures so you can get a taste for yourself and books that I thought looked really pretty. I really like craftbooks and childrensbooks because of the illustrations. I like the abstract design of these classics and I always go by Phaidon with their beautiful artbooks. I can’t wait for next year!

Zim & Zou

Don’t you just love the creative ones? The ones who have the vision to see things differently and who dare to experiment? Zim and Zou is a graphic design studio based in France. They propose a contemporary approach to design, using different techniques such as paper sculpture, illustration etc. They are a duo, Lucie and Thibault (how cool is that name!).  Their designs are pure art and have a fairytale quality to them. Don’t you just love their spirograph snowflakes and paper clouds?   If I would do anything else (workwise), I would like to be a designer. I sometimes think I maybe made a mistake by going to university. Maybe I should have gone to art school or a design academy. It seems to me such a great gift to be a creator. In my current job I feel more like a facilitator, which is also fine and dandy, but it has its limits. When I read about Zim and Zou, those French heroes, my creative heart stops a beat.

Street art

Sometimes you find the most unexpected things in the most unexpected places. Like on the streets of Brussels… In a toilet in Amsterdam. Somewhere in an underground parkinggarage. Where is your unexpected art?