Jaaroverzicht 2015 – ‘Life happens when you are busy making plans’

Aan deze kant van de lijn was er even een radiostilte. Dat zat zo: ik ontdekte medio november ongeveer dat we opnieuw een kindje verwachten! Een mooie kosmische boodschap die vooral lijkt te zeggen dat je het leven moet nemen zoals het komt, dat God glimlacht terwijl jij plannen maakt en meer van die dingen. Zoals 2016 vooral toch HET jaar moest worden van mijn bedrijf, zo zal het nu vooral in het teken staan van zwanger zijn en een kindje krijgen en hoe welkom het kindje ook is (we zijn echt heel blij!) was dat ook even omschakelen. We hadden namelijk de hoop na bijna vijf jaar wel een beetje opgegeven. Dat ik dan toch op natuurlijke wijze zwanger werd, vinden wij allebei best bijzonder. Nu ben ik niet wars van een beetje overdrijving en dus zag ik alle professionele doelen die ik mezelf gesteld had verdwijnen als sneeuw voor de spreekwoordelijke zon. Tel daarbij op dat ik me de eerste maanden afgrijselijk voelde en je kunt je misschien voorstellen dat het even stil was aan deze kant. Ik moest mezelf tussen alle eetbuien (zeg maar gerust vreetbuien) en misselijke groene zeeziek-achtige golven weer een beetje hervinden. Zoals dat […]

Inzichten & vakantiefoto’s

We gingen op vakantie. Bestemming: Denemarken en Zweden. Een keer de andere kant uit, dat leek ons wel wat. We ontdekten een zee van ruimte in Zweden en kwamen danig tot rust. Het was er overal eigenlijk heel rustig. Heel laid back zou je kunnen zeggen. De Zweden en Denen maken zich niet zo snel druk lijkt het. De gespannen (en drukke) sfeer van de Randstad leek een boze droom. In de supermarkten en warenhuizen is het er (in onze ogen) nog uitgestorven. Ik vond het heel fijn, want ik had me voorgenomen tot rust te komen. In de natuur, dicht bij de bomen en het water, een eland hier en daar met een boekje in een hoekje. Wie mij volgt op Instagram, zag al mijn vakantiekiekjes al voorbij komen, hieronder een selectie. Op vakantie ben ik tot een aantal inzichten gekomen die meteen een soort leidraad vormen voor hoe ik met mijn bedrijf wil gaan werken. Op zich sluimerden ze al, maar ze hebben zich wat duidelijker laten horen omdat daar nu gelegenheid voor was. Ik wil ze graag met jullie delen. Bij voorbaat sorry dat het zo’n verhaal is geworden. FEEL JOY: Ik ben steeds meer gaan voelen […]

We are live! (Mercury was in retrograde)

Welcome dear souls on my new website and blog! I’m very happy to finally show you all the result of many months of work (and lots of almost-losing-it-experiences). For now the site is in Dutch only, but I’m working on incorporating a language plugin so please bear with me. There are some small bits that need adjusting and a newsletter plugin that needs to be set in place, but we’ll see to that too! This site has been a Process. From mapping out my new professional business to working on the actual site, I have learned a lot! I couldn’t have made this site without the invaluable WordPress help of Nina, the SEO crash-course of Saskia and countless others who have behind the scenes have been mostly incredibly enthusiastic about my new adventure. Those who weren’t were, I know, just warning me for being idealistic, naive and vague, in short they warned me for being me. So publishing and trendwatching is an unlikely combo, but hey, I’m here to show the world how this creative agency dedicated to conscious living can rock the world. In life we do have to follow our dream even if our dream brings us to […]

DDW 14 Dutch Design Week III Strijp-S & PHE

On my second day at DDW I went to the Strijp area and to Piet Hein Eek. I absolutely loved the industrial, rugged, hippy-3.0 feel of these area’s. They truly are places of inspiration and I thought it gave a good look into our potential future; the way we can use old buildings and create new purposes for them. There is really something futuristic about it, like walking around in some sci-fi landscape (the good one that is). Free places, where you can make beautiful murals on a wall or start a bbq outside. A place where creativity roams free without any confines. Next year I’m going to go here first and roam some more. This is my last post about the DDW. I have a lot of cool stuff coming up though! I’m doing two different styling shoots with products, there’s a book review and an interview with an inspiring lady that started a cool new initiative. I’ve decided to edit my ‘about’ page somewhat to highlight the direction this blog is heading. More on fair lifestyle, green choices and social design. And my blog will hopefully become a space where I can share my new found passion: trendwatching. […]

DDW14 Dutch Design Week II

I made so many photo’s during DDW I had to write another post on it (and maybe I will write another one, who knows?) Everything was so beautifully styled and perfect. It was just a photographer’s dream. You could just take photo’s all day long. One of the most beautiful things I saw were the silk fabrics by Hilde Koenders. I loved their delicacy and the geometric, abstract shapes made out of tulip petals that were reminscent of faces. Tulipbulbs were imported from Turkey during the golden age at excessively high prices. This work pays tribute to this historical fact by a series of abstract different compositions made with dried tulip leaves. ¬†As a matter of fact I noticed a lot of delicate, airy, soft objects at DDW. The laser cut-out garments in black and white by Martijn van Strien, the Airplanting work by Carolijn Slottje for bringing nature inside for indoor people and the very special Carpet Versatile Volumes made by Tijmen Smeulders.

DDW14 Dutch Design Week I

So I went to the Dutch Design Week last Thursday and Friday. I really had the most inspiring two days (with a dramatic ending but more on that later). I loved being there on my own (a luxury as a mother) and I saw a lot. On Thursday I covered the central area starting with the VanAbbemuseum, Cityhall and the design route in the centre and on Friday I went to the Strijp Area and Piet Hein Eek. I especially loved this area and PHE also was great! Highlights for me were the Graduation Show of the Dutch Design Academy, Klokgebouw and the Schellensfactory. A lot of other bloggers wrote about the DDW so you can’t have missed it! Lonneke Huijbregts from Bubblemint organized a bloggerscafe for the first time during the DDW where bloggers gathered for a meet and greet. I met the lovely ladies behind Coosje and ViaMartine in person, I love it when online and offline sometimes meet! The turnout this year was even greater than last year, people know to find this event more and more. Make sure to come next year! I will! {1. Inventory – Atelier NL Sandbank Ongoing / 2. Klokgebouw / 3. […]

Blog favorite: Violets

Once in a while you come across a blog that you mark as favorite and keep on visiting. Violets is one of those. I love this blog (and it really helps my German too). Author Steffi is also a very talented photographer. I love these aquarium shots she made in the zoo. Can you believe the colors?! Really one to watch!

~ Fashion Friday // Victoria Beckham SS14 ~

When starting my blog I never could have suspected blogging so much about fashion. I mean, I knew I liked fashion, but how much I actually love it became apparent through this blog. I think I love it so much because it represents the direct union between beauty and you (or your body). It makes you part of the artwork or vision in a way no other art form can. I love musing about beautiful dresses and fabrics. I love the idea of a woman that matches with my esthetic. I can be obsessed with women and their details in their clothing, accessories and nail polish! So I’ve decided to regularly post about fashion and since the weekend usually is the time to wear something out of the ordinary I want to inspire you on Friday. This Friday, the first Fashion Friday, I want to talk about Victoria Beckham because sometimes life just deals you an unexpected one. Who knew Victoria Beckham actually was destined to become a fashion designer? I think it’s her best endeavor yet! Besides maybe baring children (she does that quite satisfactorily too). It took her some time to come into her own as a fashion […]

Woonbeurs 2013

Last week I went to the Woonbeurs together with a lot of other bloggers. We had an intense workshop and lecture day the day before from Meet the Blogger Amsterdam. Last year was the first time I attended MTB and it was very nice to see some of those bloggers again (and a lot of new faces) this year and a lot of inspiration came our way. I felt very thankful! Have a look at the list of attendees here to discover a lot of new nice blogs and posts on MTB and the Woonbeurs. I chose to only feature two shots I made at the Woonbeurs. I made a lot of photo’s, some can be seen on my Instagram, but I especially liked these and anyway: less is more! This coming week I will be heading to the Frankfurt Buchmesse to do some more trend discoveries. Have a nice week everyone! {photo’s + design by me}

Kate Edwards

Just a few days to go for MTBA! I’m so excited! Some of my interior design hero’s are speaking (Tricia Guild for instance) and I am very much looking forward to an inspiring day with all of my fellow bloggers (who already feel like friends). Last year I didn’t know what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised by the level of workshops and lectures. The following day we can all attend the Woonbeurs and I’m also looking forward to that! {photo’s by Kate Edwards}