Covers revisited ^ David Mitchell – Cloud Atlas

One of my all-time favorite books is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I love that book for so many reasons, because it’s really well written but also very intricate, with many layers within the story like a matrouschka doll, but also or maybe the main reason is because, in my opinion, it’s a deeply spiritual novel. It has little to do with the weather though you might think so because of the title, well at least not in the literal sense. It has been turned into a movie with Halle Berry and Tom Hanks and although I was skeptical because I loved the book so much and because I saw no way of making these really impossible complicated stories that make up the fabric of this book into one entertaining story I do think the film is good in its own way. I made an alternative book cover for my favorite book a while back. David Mitchell went on and wrote more really good books, the man is a supernatural author. A literary hero of this day. Read this book or any book by him. You will not be disappointed.