Boekentip: Arita Baaijens – Zoektocht naar het paradijs

Een tijdje geleden hoorde ik Arita Baaijens spreken tijdens TedX Amsterdam en ik was onmiddellijk geboeid door deze bijzondere vrouw. Als enige Westerse vrouw bereisde ze in haar eentje en met kamelen de Sahara nadat ze haar baan als milieubioloog vaarwel zei. Haar reizen doen denken aan de ontdekkingsreizen van weleer en de moedige vrouwen die haar voorgingen in de zoektocht naar… tja, naar wat eigenlijk? We noemen bijvoorbeeld Alexandra David-Neel die begin 20ste eeuw diverse reizen naar het verre Oosten maakte, Amelia Earhart die als eerste vrouw de Atlantische Oceaan overvloog en de eveneens Hollandse Alexandrine Tinne die in 1861 Arita voorging en de Sahara doorkruiste (en nogal noodlottig aan haar einde kwam). Waar waren deze vrouwen naar op zoek? Wat hoopten ze te vinden? Wat drijft iemand ertoe een dergelijke reis te ondernemen? Arita vertelde dat de intense eenzaamheid haar kijk op het leven voorgoed veranderde. In de woestijn is er namelijk niets (behalve zand) waardoor er iets gebeurt met je perceptie; je valt terug op het pure bestaan. En, omdat er geen afleidingen zijn en niemand om je heen, kun je niet anders dan reflecteren. Deze confrontatie kan beangstigend zijn, maar maakt ook krachtig. Baaijens schreef over haar reizen […]

Art Expo Roxanne Dekker at COCO-MAT

This weekend I attended the art expo by Roxanne Dekker in the COCO-MAT store in Amsterdam. I was early so I got to shoot some photo’s of this beautiful conceptstore. I also had the opportunity to talk to Roxanne, a really sweet and talented lady. She uses music and nature sounds as her inspiration and puts them on paper (or another medium). She works a lot with ink which creates beautiful dreamy effects. For COCO-MAT she illustrated a bed sheet with paint live (I also got a painted goodie bag to take home with one of my favorite nature sounds: the sea). She also did work for one of my favorite jewelry brands: Ivy & Liv and the Volkshotel. She really has a signature style, with lots of popping colors. She is a very versatile creative too, she also works as a DJ in the DJ formation Pony Peaches and she teaches art class to kids (the Kidspiration Club). I was impressed with the COCO-MAT store too. The story behind this beautiful lifestyle brand really is amazing, I recommend watching this YouTube interview of Lilou Mace with COCO-MAT founder Paul Efmorfidis. He made ecology a way of life; he has no cell phone, cycles everywhere, […]

Tilda Swinton – Cloakroom – Protest against Fast Fashion

Li Edelkoort has said it and Tilda Swinton is saying it: we must re-invent fashion and the fashion industry. We have become obsessed with collections and the ongoing thrill (and stress) of fashion weeks, media frenzy and fashion statements. We are no longer ‘connected’ to the process of garment making, design & production: fast fashion has become as fast as a McDonalds burger. We do not buy from need but from an insatiable hunger to BE fashionable, on the trend and hip in an ongoing rollercoaster of following the latest greatest. To live in a garment, to really inhabit it, has become rare; we wear our garments occasionally, they gather dust in our closets. In the case of some Hollywood celebrities these closets have become a shrine of sorts where the vintage Valentino or Gucci bag is adored, but never worn or taken out. We have become estranged from our clothes and their origin and we need to reconnect. Tilda Swinton who is always keen to raise awareness and ask questions through art, said she realized the importance of garment longevity after going through her late mother’s wardrobe. She told magazine i-D that “Clothes outlive us very, very often. You […]

Happy Christmas & a BLESSed 2015!

I had plans to make a beautiful selfmade design for my Season Greetings this year, but somehow there were other things (buying gifts and wrapping gifts, thinking of desserts to make and more gift wrapping) and no time. There is always (or still) a difference between my plans and reality. “Life happens while you’re busy making plans” So true! I’m working on that! One of my new years resolutions is setting my intentions more clearer and working more diligently towards manifesting them. I do believe we are creators you see. At least we could be, if we trusted ourselves and the magical nature of this universe. If you don’t, well, then magic will not appear. It doesn’t work that way however much I wish it did. 2014 was an emotional and turbulent year for me, I trust 2015 will bring more joy and passion filled creations. I wish you all happy days and a BLESSed 2015! I posted this photo yesterday on my Instagram-account. For those of you who don’t follow me: I would love it if you would join me there! Ik had plannen om een geweldig mooi zelfgemaakt ontwerp te maken als feestdagen kaart dit jaar, maar op de […]

Carly Waito paintings – Amethyst

Lately I’ve been immersed in other worlds. I’m reading a lot of books and due to what’s turning out to be a true Netflix-addiction I’m also seeing a lot of series and movies. I’ve been busy organizing my Pinterest boards and added some new ones. Do have a look and follow me there! I’m having a month off from the Trendacademy and I’m making the most of it by trying to get as much inspiration as possible. I’m reading stuff about sacred geometry and crystals and since synchronicity is a thing in my life these days I came across these beautiful painted crystals by Carly Waito. I chose to feature the amethyst stone since it’s one of my personal favorites. A stone that comes in different hues of purple and pink. Amethyst is considered a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It facilitates the higher mind and it allows one to take action based on higher guidance and spiritual understanding. There are a lot more properties attributed to them, for more information I recommend reading The Book of Stones by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian; a comprehensive encyclopedia of stones, minerals and crystals. I wish you all a peaceful and balanced december! […]

Fair shops to see: DEERN & more

I’m very happy to see that fair shops and websites continue to grow. Recently I got a press release from a new website where you can find ‘fair’ sustainable clothing and accessorizes. It’s an initiative of Annemarie de Raadt and it’s called de Goede Gids. It features every sustainable shop, brand and web store in Holland where they sell sustainable fair fashion (over 500 addresses are included). And in Ter Aar a new sustainable living store opened its doors. It’s called Cin in Wonen (the owner’s name is Cindy Buijsse): a space of 450 square meters where you can find vintage, antique, brocante and trendy furniture & accessories. Another great tip online is a webstore called Deern. It sells beautiful unique items for children, accessories and small items for your home. It designs and produces all its items in Holland in small quantities. If you are looking for a unique gift for the holidays make sure to pay them a visit. Emma Hagedorn, owner of Deern, was so kind to send me a knot bracelet to review, one of their unique selfmade designs, I love it! It reminds me of my father who actually taught me this knot on our […]

Strawberry Earth Fair – Mini Trendanalysis

For the Trendacademy we recently had to do a feel trip and record everything we thought was interesting and/ or exemplary for a particular trend. I chose to visit the Strawberry Earth Fair. We had to make a power point presentation and I thought it would be nice to share it here. The presentation highlights a couple of mini-trends and is just a visual overview of the festival. Here’s what I did: I identified a couple of mini-trends and named them, then I searched for images and I also made some photo’s myself. I gave the mini-trends names and embedded them in a larger story. This story is a bit to long to publish here, but you can get an idea just by looking at my slides. The festival says something about how and what we want to ‘experience’ during such an event and this of course is very interesting with regards to the future. * As of today I’m adding a Dutch translation of my posts for my Dutch readers / Vanaf vandaag zal ik ook een Nederlandse vertaling van mijn blogposts toevoegen voor mijn Nederlandse lezers. Voor de Trendacademy moesten we onlangs een feeltrip doen en daarbij alles […]

Inspirational book: ‘Good Food’ by Laurianne Ruhé

Nothing gets me more excited than people that work from the heart. It doesn’t matter what kind of work they do. If you work from the heart and dedicate your work to helping people and help raise our collective consciousness you are a hero to me. You can do that in small or big ways, that really doesn’t matter. If everyone works from the heart the world would be a better place! When I read Laurianne Ruhé’s new book Good Food I immediately felt that tingle of excitement. She is a leading example of working from the heart because she listened when her body told her she couldn’t maintain her unhealthy lifestyle. She went looking for ways to get better and searched for ways to educate herself on food and consciousness. In other words: she began exploring the old phrases “Let food be thy medicine.” and ” You are what you eat”. She changed her profession and became an orthomoleculair food expert. She now helps clients with food issues to enhance their food patterns in order to stay healthy or to become healthy. She does this by working with five ‘essentials‘: consciousness, find your poison, detox waste dump, good food […]

DDW 14 Dutch Design Week III Strijp-S & PHE

On my second day at DDW I went to the Strijp area and to Piet Hein Eek. I absolutely loved the industrial, rugged, hippy-3.0 feel of these area’s. They truly are places of inspiration and I thought it gave a good look into our potential future; the way we can use old buildings and create new purposes for them. There is really something futuristic about it, like walking around in some sci-fi landscape (the good one that is). Free places, where you can make beautiful murals on a wall or start a bbq outside. A place where creativity roams free without any confines. Next year I’m going to go here first and roam some more. This is my last post about the DDW. I have a lot of cool stuff coming up though! I’m doing two different styling shoots with products, there’s a book review and an interview with an inspiring lady that started a cool new initiative. I’ve decided to edit my ‘about’ page somewhat to highlight the direction this blog is heading. More on fair lifestyle, green choices and social design. And my blog will hopefully become a space where I can share my new found passion: trendwatching. […]

Fall Frenzy

What everyone experiences in January, shortly after New Year, the frenzy of turning a new leaf, I experience in September. For me this is THE time for new plans and new ideas and this last month has been booming with new things to the max. I started Trendacademy of course (love it!). And on top of that it’s just a busy time (not just in the book biz I’ve discovered) all around with fairs and meet-ups and exciting stuff. Tomorrow I’m attending this big lecture by trendwatchers David Shah and Christine Boland and coming weekend I’m going to the Strawberry Earth Fair. I’ve always had great respect for Mette te Velde who came up with the Strawberry Earth platform. I think she’s a green pioneer and I’m very much looking forward to the very first SEFair. It promises to bring the best in sustainable fashion, food, design and film. I can hardly wait!