Kindred spirits #2: Elle aime

After my involuntary blogbreak and the most hectic weeks maybe all-time, we are now more and more settling in our new home. In the coming weeks I will share with you parts of our new house, but for now I wanted to share with you the interview I had with Lisa Manuels owner of Shop elle aime. I love her illustrations and workshops, I made buttons and did a bookbinding workshop last weekend with tweeps Rivka from rrauw and Nina from Paper stories. Lisa is just the most lovely person and I was very pleased she agreed to answer my questions. Who are you and what it is that you do exactly? My name is Lisa Manuels and I make illustrations, I create, collect, sell and give workshops! In the north of Rotterdam I own a small shop named Elle aime. There I sell my own illustrations and creations, but also those of other designers and creators from all over the world. I also organise and teach many different creative workshops there. How did you get to be so creative? Probably because it runs in the family a little bit. Actually almost everyone I know is creative, everyone in his […]

Natalie Nicklin

Using Pinterest can be very comforting. You find out things about yourself you didn’t have a clue you had, like a dormant love for cute animal photo’s or you discover a distinct pattern in pinning. As I was searching for some inspiration I stumbled on the work of Natalie Nicklin and it was just the kind of thing that really resonated with me. I think she uses the perfect colour palet and the combination of abstract modern elements with the old fashioned collage is just beautiful. It lifted my spirits big time. What do you think? {1. Locals Only London 2. Quinque Orbis 3. Reflection – Natalie Nicklin’s work can also be found on Society6

Kindred Spirits #1- Babongo

Today marks the beginning of a new series I’m starting on my blog: kindred spirits. In this series I interview the person behind a small business or blog that I find inspiring and whose message I would like to support or whose story I would like to share. I am starting off with Babongo, an ecofriendly webshop run by Nicole Blaak. I asked her some questions and she was so kind to answer them. Could you tell me something about the person behind the webshop Babongo?                                                                                          My name is Nicole Blaak, creative, idealist optimist with a passion for beautiful things, travelling and nature. But I’m also an incredible homebody, I love settling myself on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. I can do nothing really well! When did you start Babongo? The idea for Babongo started at the end of 2010 and in june of 2011 Babongo went online. In between […]

Modefabriek 2012

I promised to share some impressions of the Modefabriek, which I was so fortunate to attend. There were two especially inspiring areas called mint (which featured ethical fashion and lifestyle brands) and a section called cutting edge. I saw a lot of labels I didn’t know yet and of course I saw the collections of my favorite brands. {1. cutting edge area} {2. mint shop area} {3. stat division} {4. alexandra kiesel} {5. 10feet} {6. baum und pferdgarten}

Fashion: COS

If I would have to define my style it would be something like Audrey Hepburn meets Charlize Theron. I like clothing that is refined and sophisticated, I like beautiful materials and feminine cuts, but I also like abstract patterns. I’m maybe less of a flower girl, I think flowers are beautiful in a vase but put them on a dress or shirt and they somehow almost always seem niffy. One of the stores I simply adore thanks to their cutting edge style and minimalistic, abstract clothes is COS. Whenever I was in The Hague, home of COS’ s flagship store in the Netherlands, I went there dragging my husband along with me (little did he know we were only in The Hague for the COS shop) and abused him as clothing rack to throw my ever growing piles of items on. During the Sale-season things were even worse. I once was refused into a fitting room because I wanted to try too many items. They were unsympathetic and unyielding considering the endless line I would have to stand in again. In the hustle and bustle of the store (packed with bargain hunters, accidental shoppers – how I hate those unaware […]


I like the name Camilla. It reminds me somehow of summer and flowers. Maybe because it rings a little bit like cammomille. Good things come from those who are called Camilla. Just to mention one of my favorite Camilla’s is Camilla Norrback, a Danish designer who designs ecoluxury fashion.If possible I would seasonally buy the entire collection by Camilla Norrback. As it is though I try to buy some key pieces on sale… From this autumncollection these are a couple of my favourites, starting with a bow piece, since I love love love bows. The other Camilla I adore (and secretly envy on occasion for her talent, life and well general being) is the Swedish Camilla Engman. She makes illustrations and paintings and keeps a blog (well I guess if you don’t know Camilla Engman you have been living under a blog-rock). I just want to sing her praise once again (she has been featured so many times online and her work has also been featured in the nicest book ever (by the nicest publishers ever). Just a little reminder when I reincarnate: have to be born somewhere in Scandinavia and have to be named Camilla (so preferably as a girl). As […]

Zim & Zou

Don’t you just love the creative ones? The ones who have the vision to see things differently and who dare to experiment? Zim and Zou is a graphic design studio based in France. They propose a contemporary approach to design, using different techniques such as paper sculpture, illustration etc. They are a duo, Lucie and Thibault (how cool is that name!).  Their designs are pure art and have a fairytale quality to them. Don’t you just love their spirograph snowflakes and paper clouds?   If I would do anything else (workwise), I would like to be a designer. I sometimes think I maybe made a mistake by going to university. Maybe I should have gone to art school or a design academy. It seems to me such a great gift to be a creator. In my current job I feel more like a facilitator, which is also fine and dandy, but it has its limits. When I read about Zim and Zou, those French heroes, my creative heart stops a beat.