Fashion: Esprit RCA limited edition

Yesterday I was in Amsterdam to eat sushi with one of my friends when I came across the ESPRIT shop. Their window display immediately stopped me in my tracks because it was made up of really beautiful clothes and amazing illustration art. I must confess I haven’t been in an ESPRIT shop for ages, but these clothes were simply amazing. I found out they have been made in a limited edition only in a collaboration with the Royal College of Art. In the words of ESPRIT: “Graduating RCA students were asked to create a collection that broached the question of whether fashion can be truly sustainable. The collection was also to reflect the zeitgeist of the student’s generation.” Three collections were chosen, the one by Julia Mackenroth, Ryan Mercer and Rachel Hall. The playful illustration work of Andy Rementer was used to visualize the campaign. For me this collection embraces everything I think is important in fashion: wearable, timeless and creative pieces. What’s even more great is that it’s a truly sustainable eco friendly collection!  

Places to visit: Museum of textiles Tilburg

During our vacation we went to a B&B in Brabant for a couple of days. We were close to the Efteling which we visited and we were also close to Tilburg. I wanted to visit the Audax museum of textiles located in Tilburg for a while now and here we had the perfect opportunity! I made some pics at the museum, we enjoyed ourselves very much. If you love beautiful fabrics and would like to know more about their history and how they were produced and their production now this is just the place to visit.  

Dawanda design extravaganza

I’ve been on holiday a couple of weeks and though I didn’t intend it, it became a short break from blogging too. We mostly relaxed and enjoyed the weather when it was good, read a good book or magazine when not, and really just tried to take things slow. Yesterday, to celebrate the end of my vacation, I went to the DaWanda design market at hotel Meininger in Amsterdam. DaWanda just launched a Dutch site and promoted it by having a design market with 100 handmade and unique DaWanda sellers. I was impressed by how good everything was organized. They even had somebody standing at station Sloterdijk to show people coming by train where to go, everyone received a really nice goody bag and there where beautiful flyers and floor plans. I was also honored as a blogger to be invited to the press meeting, but due to a grand logistic blunder I arrived too late for that! Such a pity, especially since it was a good chance to meet all the fellow bloggers again. A couple of weeks ago I was happy to receive a gift from DaWanda Holland. They sent this beautiful lasercut tree made by All Things we […]

Fashion: Impressions Modefabriek Amsterdam 2012

Last Monday, when the weather was hot, I went to the Modefabriek in Amsterdam. I went there on the invitation of this sweet lady who organised one of the most inspiring area’s there called MINT. That area was fantastic as it was last time, you can read all about it here. There are some great photo’s too. The rest of the fair was pretty modest but I did snap a few shots of things I thought were pretty. I loved the Fifteen area cafe by Jamie Oliver! I felt a little bit like Alice in Wonderland after eating too much mushroom… {I restaurant area set up by Fifteen restaurant / II & III graduation design outfits by fashion students from all over Holland / IV Pink set up / V Collection Sessun / VI Collection Nice things by Paloma S.}

Magazine madness #3: RIKA

Whenever I’m in Amsterdam and have a chance I always stop by the Rika Boutique. The label is incredibly popular, even with big Hollywood celebs I understand, but before I knew all that I already was a fan of her strong, basic, elegant style. I also love her trademark bags with the stars (also before I knew these were the most sought after). I have a knack for finding the trends you know… The label is high end so a bag is not something you would buy in a whim, however they do have an outlet store opposite the boutique. There I recently found one of my treasure of treasures: a large pink bag with the signature Rika stars. Above the outlet you can stay in Maison Rika: a guesthouse completely styled by Ulrika Lundgren herself and to my surprise and huge joy I even found a magazine called (you guessed it): RIKA. If you don’t have a copy you must get one, it’s truly a work of art and encompasses the Rika-style perfectly.   {Rika Magazine Spring-Summer 2012 – No. 6 / I bought Rika at Athenaeum, but I also saw the magazine at the AKO Amsterdam CS}

Modefabriek 2012

I promised to share some impressions of the Modefabriek, which I was so fortunate to attend. There were two especially inspiring areas called mint (which featured ethical fashion and lifestyle brands) and a section called cutting edge. I saw a lot of labels I didn’t know yet and of course I saw the collections of my favorite brands. {1. cutting edge area} {2. mint shop area} {3. stat division} {4. alexandra kiesel} {5. 10feet} {6. baum und pferdgarten}

Fashion: COS

If I would have to define my style it would be something like Audrey Hepburn meets Charlize Theron. I like clothing that is refined and sophisticated, I like beautiful materials and feminine cuts, but I also like abstract patterns. I’m maybe less of a flower girl, I think flowers are beautiful in a vase but put them on a dress or shirt and they somehow almost always seem niffy. One of the stores I simply adore thanks to their cutting edge style and minimalistic, abstract clothes is COS. Whenever I was in The Hague, home of COS’ s flagship store in the Netherlands, I went there dragging my husband along with me (little did he know we were only in The Hague for the COS shop) and abused him as clothing rack to throw my ever growing piles of items on. During the Sale-season things were even worse. I once was refused into a fitting room because I wanted to try too many items. They were unsympathetic and unyielding considering the endless line I would have to stand in again. In the hustle and bustle of the store (packed with bargain hunters, accidental shoppers – how I hate those unaware […]


I like the name Camilla. It reminds me somehow of summer and flowers. Maybe because it rings a little bit like cammomille. Good things come from those who are called Camilla. Just to mention one of my favorite Camilla’s is Camilla Norrback, a Danish designer who designs ecoluxury fashion.If possible I would seasonally buy the entire collection by Camilla Norrback. As it is though I try to buy some key pieces on sale… From this autumncollection these are a couple of my favourites, starting with a bow piece, since I love love love bows. The other Camilla I adore (and secretly envy on occasion for her talent, life and well general being) is the Swedish Camilla Engman. She makes illustrations and paintings and keeps a blog (well I guess if you don’t know Camilla Engman you have been living under a blog-rock). I just want to sing her praise once again (she has been featured so many times online and her work has also been featured in the nicest book ever (by the nicest publishers ever). Just a little reminder when I reincarnate: have to be born somewhere in Scandinavia and have to be named Camilla (so preferably as a girl). As […]

Lucky (ethical) bag – PHILOMIJN

Ok. So I have this obsession for bags. It is nothing less, I tell you, than a real genuine Obsession with a capital O. There is always a good excuse to buy a bag. I love them in all forms and sizes, from simple tote bags to the real expensive ones to the fair trade ones made with respect to our environment. I have to say that I am becoming more and more conscious of fair trade ecofashion and I highly appreciate these initiatives. Nothing is so important than our environment and it is high time we take into consideration the footsteps we set on this earth. An ethical bag is even better than a normal bag, I tell you! Recently I discovered these two Dutch brands who are both producing clothes and accessories with respect. The first one is called Studio Jux and they make the most thrilling fair wear. The second is Philomijn, a leather brand that makes the most beautiful leather products. As of next season her products are also completely made with ecological leather from German cows who have had an animal friendly life. She also uses natural dyes like rhubarb and mimosa for colouring. Her bags are truly beautiful. I am so glad we […]