Inzichten & vakantiefoto’s

We gingen op vakantie. Bestemming: Denemarken en Zweden. Een keer de andere kant uit, dat leek ons wel wat. We ontdekten een zee van ruimte in Zweden en kwamen danig tot rust. Het was er overal eigenlijk heel rustig. Heel laid back zou je kunnen zeggen. De Zweden en Denen maken zich niet zo snel druk lijkt het. De gespannen (en drukke) sfeer van de Randstad leek een boze droom. In de supermarkten en warenhuizen is het er (in onze ogen) nog uitgestorven. Ik vond het heel fijn, want ik had me voorgenomen tot rust te komen. In de natuur, dicht bij de bomen en het water, een eland hier en daar met een boekje in een hoekje. Wie mij volgt op Instagram, zag al mijn vakantiekiekjes al voorbij komen, hieronder een selectie. Op vakantie ben ik tot een aantal inzichten gekomen die meteen een soort leidraad vormen voor hoe ik met mijn bedrijf wil gaan werken. Op zich sluimerden ze al, maar ze hebben zich wat duidelijker laten horen omdat daar nu gelegenheid voor was. Ik wil ze graag met jullie delen. Bij voorbaat sorry dat het zo’n verhaal is geworden. FEEL JOY: Ik ben steeds meer gaan voelen […]

From the cutting room floor: Lourdes

I’ve been busy with working on my end presentation for module 1 of the Trendacademy (more on that later). It’s over now and it went well (although there’s always room for improvement) and now I have a month off. It’s already pretty much booked with spending the holidays with family and going to exhibitions and also with writing for this blog and the other one. So for now I wanted to leave you with a couple of photo’s (from the cutting room floor) I made during my summer holiday when we visited the most crazy touristy city I’ve ever been to: Lourdes. Well, I’ve been to other touristy cities of course, but religion was not the main attraction so to say and I’ve really marveled at this strange combination of religious worship and the commercialisation of everything from Maria to Bernadette and the baby Jezus. And all this without blinking an eye. Stores full of Maria’s and Bernadette’s and holy water and people stuffing their basket full with little statues, prayer images etc. It was strangely intriguing though. Ik heb het heel druk gehad met het werken aan mijn eindpresentatie voor module 1 van de Trendacademy (waarover later meer). Het […]

Deyrolle Paris II

I wrote earlier about Deyrolle in Paris and my wish to sometime go there. Well, this year, while we were crossing Paris by car in a rush to get to our hotel at the city’s airport, I looked to my left and saw the very shop of my dreams! It was the most luckiest of coincidences (but of course I don’t believe in chance). How absurd to be driving through that immense city without any plan to visit Deyrolle or any notion as to its whereabouts to then find it suddenly! We immediately parked our car, it was actually half past seven in the evening and the shop was about to close. Another lucky coincidence and proof it was absolutely meant to be! It was definitely worth the visit!

French getaway: d’une Île

We’re back from a lovely holiday in France. We saw a lot of vide greniers (i love those) and brocante shops (love those too) and enjoyed our stay at d’une ile in Remalard with Sofie and Michel immensely. d’une île is a beautiful “hôtellerie à la campagne” run by Michel Mulder and Sofie Sleumer: a young couple from Holland. We ate a lot of croissants and Michel is the best cook ever so I also gained a couple of pounds… If you are looking for a French getaway do make sure to visit them. We can highly recommend it! It definitely made our list of secret getaways. {All photo’s by me except the one featured which is by Ben Lambers via Trendtablet}

Marks & Spencer #5 London

I’m slowly coming to the end of my London feed, but of course I had to blog about Marks & Spencer. I love M&S and was thoroughly disappointed when their enterprise in the Netherlands almost ten years ago didn’t turn out to be a good investment. They changed their appearance and business plan and now, after a decade, recently opened a new M&S in Amsterdam in the Kalverstraat. Actually the grand opening was just a couple of days after I returned from London blissfully unaware of this fact. Everything I bought over there in their amazing food hall because of its amazing packaging can now easily be bought in Amsterdam. Just so you know… I felt a little bit… well… foolish…

Fashion: & other Stories #4 London

Granted I’m not aware of everything that happens in fashion, but I could not believe I missed the exciting news of H&M group starting a new store concept with the title & other Stories. So when my sister-in-law told me and emphasized their style was great and I would love it I was eager to find out and checked the website. I did love what I found! What luck then, I was to go to London where they have a store on Regent Street! & other Stories just fills the gap in style between H&M and their low prized casual day-to-day style and the minimalistic Scandinavian feel of COS. & other Stories just fits in perfectly, it’s classy, playful and colorful and lets you create your personal style from shoes to make-up, BAGS!!! and lingerie. Everything is of high quality but affordable, although more expensive than H&M.  It’s a definite must-see and the great news is they ship to Holland with low shipping costs (6 euro).

Tate Modern London #3

As promised my post about Tate Modern. I really loved that museum, not just because it was nearby our hotel, but also because it’s a great building (I actually loved the building even more than the actual collection – although that was pretty great too). In museums I’m always intrigued by people looking at art. I mean the gaze is a much debated subject in psychoanalysis  and a popular question in philosophy or cultural analysis is where does meaning start? Is it indeed with the artwork itself, with the viewer or somewhere in between, in what we can call the narrative of art? Anyway, I will not turn this into a philosophical discussion, but the photo’s of Tate I took are somewhat ‘indirect’ since I only photographed people having the experience of art which I find very intriguing.

Places to stay: CitizenM Bankside {London}

I have to admit I was somewhat worried about the London hotel we booked, since we got this recommendation via via, you never know do you… But I was definitely very happy when we arrived. CitizenM is trendy, functional and very well organized. You get to watch a free film every night, have a tablet with internet on your room (and Wifi in the hotel) and if you book breakfast you will be sure to wake up to a really nice one. I got a little bit carried away by the mood lights you can control in the room, it took up most of my room time. It was really close to Tate Modern which was nice and we were also close to Borough Market were you could find all kinds of fresh and organic foods. It is definitely on my list to visit again!

Dior at Harrods London #2

Since I really saw a lot in London and I’d love to share it all I’ve decided to post more frequently the coming weeks. While we were in Harrods which was like a shopping heaven (for those who can call themselves Big Spenders) and makes our department store De Bijenkorf seem like a baby, we stumbled upon a Dior exhibition. Imagine finding the dress Charlize Theron wore in the J’ adore commercial and more recently the one Natalie Portman wore in Miss Dior. It was pure chance we got to see it since it ended the very next day (but just so you know I don’t believe in chance).

London love #1

I’m back from London and oh boy what a city that is! I go every year for the London Bookfair but always just for one day so I never get a chance to really look around. In high school I went for a school trip but that was ages ago (like in the last millennium) and I barely remember anything from that couple of days except St. Paul’s being the reason I’m now afraid of heights. We walked around a lot, saw a lot of museums and shopped a lot. That pretty much sums it up! I will share some highlights with you, but for now here are some London pics I took. {1. St. Paul’s cathedral / 2. Tate Modern / 3. Harrods / 4. Millennium Bridge – illustration: Goldfinchdesign}