From the cutting room floor: Lourdes

I’ve been busy with working on my end presentation for module 1 of the Trendacademy (more on that later). It’s over now and it went well (although there’s always room for improvement) and now I have a month off. It’s already pretty much booked with spending the holidays with family and going to exhibitions and also with writing for this blog and the other one. So for now I wanted to leave you with a couple of photo’s (from the cutting room floor) I made during my summer holiday when we visited the most crazy touristy city I’ve ever been to: Lourdes. Well, I’ve been to other touristy cities of course, but religion was not the main attraction so to say and I’ve really marveled at this strange combination of religious worship and the commercialisation of everything from Maria to Bernadette and the baby Jezus. And all this without blinking an eye. Stores full of Maria’s and Bernadette’s and holy water and people stuffing their basket full with little statues, prayer images etc. It was strangely intriguing though. Ik heb het heel druk gehad met het werken aan mijn eindpresentatie voor module 1 van de Trendacademy (waarover later meer). Het […]