Meet the Tweet revisited

When I went to Meet the Tweet last Sunday (thanks again Nina, Rivka and Ria) it was actually one of our conversation topics: why post something about something when others have posted about that something. Is there anything you can add? I thought about that conversation while I postponed writing about MTT. You see, I was a little bit shy. Because how could I add something when so many attending had written so many good posts already? But then I remembered our conclusion: you always have something to bring to the table when it’s in your tone of voice or when it’s drenched in your particular ‘style’. And I remembered what I thought was the great positive about that Sunday: it was meeting so many talented and passionate Dutch ladies. I really was blown away by how amazing some of their products were. I have this awe for anyone with the creative gene, maybe because I lack it. So here are some examples of the talent of some of my (new) favorite creative ladies. In the little booklet Nina made all the attendees have written some quotes and blogtips. If you would like to get your hands on a copy, […]

Zim & Zou

Don’t you just love the creative ones? The ones who have the vision to see things differently and who dare to experiment? Zim and Zou is a graphic design studio based in France. They propose a contemporary approach to design, using different techniques such as paper sculpture, illustration etc. They are a duo, Lucie and Thibault (how cool is that name!).  Their designs are pure art and have a fairytale quality to them. Don’t you just love their spirograph snowflakes and paper clouds?   If I would do anything else (workwise), I would like to be a designer. I sometimes think I maybe made a mistake by going to university. Maybe I should have gone to art school or a design academy. It seems to me such a great gift to be a creator. In my current job I feel more like a facilitator, which is also fine and dandy, but it has its limits. When I read about Zim and Zou, those French heroes, my creative heart stops a beat.