Boekentip :: Ontdekkingsreis naar een duurzame wereld

We leven in een bijzondere tijd. Sommige bronnen spreken zelfs over de dageraad van een Nieuwe Tijd. Een tijd waarin we de kans krijgen een paradijs op aarde te creëren. Waarin we ons niet door hebzucht laten leiden. Een tijd waarin we de leus ‘vrijheid, gelijkheid, broederschap’ eindelijk recht zouden kunnen doen. Deze dageraad wordt ook gekenmerkt door chaos. Of zoals de Trendrede van 2017 (waarover meer in een volgende blogpost) het beschrijft: “We zitten in de kreukelzone van een waardenwending.” Alleen in chaos ontstaat een nieuwe orde. Is het in het klein niet hetzelfde? Als je je kamer opruimt, maak je dan niet eerst een heleboel rommel voordat er een nieuw systeem ontstaat? Het is misschien moeilijk voor te stellen met alle negatieve berichten in de media, maar we leven echt in de meest vreedzame tijd ooit. Het is makkelijk te wijzen naar de anonieme ander, maar een waardenwending haalt ook het lelijke overhoop dat een nieuwe plek moet krijgen, het liefst in het licht. Deze tijd wordt gekenmerkt door lichtbrengers. Ook wel ‘lightworkers’ genoemd. Deze zouden de aarde op dit moment bijstaan in het pad naar dit paradijs. Dit doen ze door middel van hun specifieke energie, positieve […]

Kindred Spirits Interview #7 Mae Engelgeer

I’m a huge fan of the work by Mae Engelgeer so I jumped at the opportunity of visiting her studio and interviewing her. If you don’t know her work, you must be living under a design rock, cause she’s been featured nationally and internationally in almost every design magazine and blog from Elle decoration, to Bloesem and she’s taking the world by storm. On top of that she really is the sweetest person. Please make sure to check out MagasinMae for your very own Mae Engelgeer piece or check for the nearest retailer. The Kindred Spirits interviews are now done in a slightly different format. I hope you like it!  Can you tell something about your background and how you ended up in textiles? I have a background in fashion. I graduated at AMFI, the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, where I specialised in Textile Design. After a while of working in fashion I was accepted at the Sandberg Institute, direction Free Design, the master course of the Rietveld Academie. Here I had the opportunity to learn more about textiles in relation to autonomous art and design and especially the area that exists in between.  Where do you find your inspiration? What has been the inspiration […]

Shops to visit in my hometown: Trade Studio

O dear, it’s been way to long since I last did an interview! But luckily I have a really nice one for you now! As you may know it’s been almost a year since we moved to the cutest town in Holland and one of the clothing stores in particular stood out for me even before I moved here. It’s called Trade Studio and it has the most beautiful Scandinavian brands. I asked the owner Karen Staal some questions and she was nice enough to answer them for me and I’m really proud to have my Trade Studio closet photographed. You can check it out here. For those of you who are planning a visit to my dear city do make sure to visit! What kind of shop is Trade Studio?  Trade studio is a light boutique in Haarlem in the area HoutZuid. The basis of the collections lies with classics and timeless pieces, that are enhanced with a considerable amount of Scandinavian style. Many of our labels come from Denmark and surprise us again and again with their simple beauty. Next to that personal advice is key, we gladly search for a style that really represents the individual. How long […]

Interview: Enigheid

One of my very first contacts on Twitter was a girl named IrisVank. She immediately came across as a sweet, interested person and apparently was the face behind the blog Enigheid. Iris seems a very modest person; she always apologetically questions her own contribution to the blogcommunity and keeps insisting she is an amateur of sorts with regard to her photo’s. I don’t presume to know if she is indeed an amateur but I do know I really love her work! I asked her a couple of questions and she kindly agreed answering them. I hope Iris will consider exploring the possibilities of selling these photo’s in some form, wouldn’t you love an Enigheid postcard in your mailbox? Who are you and what is it you do? I’m Iris Vank and during the day I am a policy advisor for a local government. In my free time I use my creativity online, through pictures on my blog and Instagram, and sharing ideas via Twitter. When did your blog start and what kind of blog is it? My blog started a year and a half ago, because I wanted to document my life in a creative and pretty way. I enjoy […]

Kindred spirits #2: Elle aime

After my involuntary blogbreak and the most hectic weeks maybe all-time, we are now more and more settling in our new home. In the coming weeks I will share with you parts of our new house, but for now I wanted to share with you the interview I had with Lisa Manuels owner of Shop elle aime. I love her illustrations and workshops, I made buttons and did a bookbinding workshop last weekend with tweeps Rivka from rrauw and Nina from Paper stories. Lisa is just the most lovely person and I was very pleased she agreed to answer my questions. Who are you and what it is that you do exactly? My name is Lisa Manuels and I make illustrations, I create, collect, sell and give workshops! In the north of Rotterdam I own a small shop named Elle aime. There I sell my own illustrations and creations, but also those of other designers and creators from all over the world. I also organise and teach many different creative workshops there. How did you get to be so creative? Probably because it runs in the family a little bit. Actually almost everyone I know is creative, everyone in his […]

Kindred Spirits #1- Babongo

Today marks the beginning of a new series I’m starting on my blog: kindred spirits. In this series I interview the person behind a small business or blog that I find inspiring and whose message I would like to support or whose story I would like to share. I am starting off with Babongo, an ecofriendly webshop run by Nicole Blaak. I asked her some questions and she was so kind to answer them. Could you tell me something about the person behind the webshop Babongo?                                                                                          My name is Nicole Blaak, creative, idealist optimist with a passion for beautiful things, travelling and nature. But I’m also an incredible homebody, I love settling myself on the couch with a cup of tea and a good book. I can do nothing really well! When did you start Babongo? The idea for Babongo started at the end of 2010 and in june of 2011 Babongo went online. In between […]