Interview: Enigheid

One of my very first contacts on Twitter was a girl named IrisVank. She immediately came across as a sweet, interested person and apparently was the face behind the blog Enigheid. Iris seems a very modest person; she always apologetically questions her own contribution to the blogcommunity and keeps insisting she is an amateur of sorts with regard to her photo’s. I don’t presume to know if she is indeed an amateur but I do know I really love her work! I asked her a couple of questions and she kindly agreed answering them. I hope Iris will consider exploring the possibilities of selling these photo’s in some form, wouldn’t you love an Enigheid postcard in your mailbox? Who are you and what is it you do? I’m Iris Vank and during the day I am a policy advisor for a local government. In my free time I use my creativity online, through pictures on my blog and Instagram, and sharing ideas via Twitter. When did your blog start and what kind of blog is it? My blog started a year and a half ago, because I wanted to document my life in a creative and pretty way. I enjoy […]