New hotspot :: xBank Amsterdam

Ik ben nu officieel met zwangerschapsverlof. Ons kindje is 3 juli uitgerekend, maar goed, dat zegt niets natuurlijk (de vorige was twee weken te laat). Tegenwoordig vul ik mijn dagen met babykleertjes sorteren, kasten organiseren, boeken lezen, Netflix kijken en Snapchatten (pas ontdekt!). Ook maak ik to-do-lijstjes voor als ik weer aan de slag ga. Ik heb veel plannen en leuke ideeën voor AURORA. Ik probeer me voor te stellen hoe het zal zijn, een tweede erbij. Soms voel ik me schuldig tegenover kind nummer een, dingen zullen voor hem flink veranderen. En soms maak ik me zorgen over hoe het allemaal moet met nummer twee. Je weet wel, van die gedachten: is mijn leven nu voorgoed voorbij en staat het nu voor altijd in dienst van de kids? Ga ik mijn lichaam ooit nog onder deze dikke buik terug vinden? Ben ik wel een goede moeder? Zullen ze zich goed ontwikkelen en gelukkig zijn? Zal mijn huis ooit nog echt opgeruimd zijn? (ik mis dat gevoel van een echt opgeruimd huis!) Dat soort gedachten. Het helpt mij nu enorm om me te concentreren op kleine stapjes vooruit (baby steps zeggen ze in het Amerikaans). Niet teveel bezig zijn met […]

Shops to visit: Friday Next {Amsterdam}

A while back I visited Friday Next in Amsterdam together with Nina from Paper Stories. What a lovely shop! You can drink coffee there and have something to eat as well. We ate lunch there and would have stayed the whole day if possible! The store is packed with design furniture, accessories and lifestyle things. Everything is carefully selected. I wanted to buy the whole lot! (they also have a webshop)

Shops to visit: Restored

Whenever I’m in Amsterdam I try to squeeze in as much quality shops in the (often) limited time I have. Every time I try to cover one particular area, such as the Pijp or Noord or center. I usually know exactly what stores I want to see and in most cases there even is a time plan involved. You could say I’m a little bit neurotic that way. The funny thing is I usually don’t prepare at all whenever I go and visit a foreign city. Foreign cities and their unknown treasures, the enormous quantity of must-see shops: they have a way of paralyzing me. “There is no way to see everything so I might as well just go and see what pops up.” is usually my city trip or vacation attitude. Since I had plenty of time to get to know Amsterdam (I was born and raised in Amstelveen which is kind of its suburb) I have conquered the paralysis as far as this city is concerned. I know it inside out (like my back pocket as we Dutch folk say). Last Saturday I went to Restored on the Haarlemmerdijk, a shop I wanted to see for ages (I […]

Shops to visit: Cottoncake

Recently I visited the Pijp thanks to a great party I will blog about on another occasion. I got the chance to visit some great shops like Zublim and Cottoncake. I was particularly smitten by this last wee little shop. The interior was just so perfect and they served delicious home brewed coffee that came out of a grand looking coffee machine and the clothes and accessories they had were just amazing. My heart just skips a beat in such a perfect place. Just the right mix too between sweet and ‘stoer’. I bought a way to expensive blazer jacket in a beautiful matte green by Minimum. Sometimes you just have to splurge! And did you know their beautiful moth logo was designed by LaFarme? Please do make sure to visit if you have the chance!