Movie to watch: W.E.

  I got somewhat carried away by the film W.E. by Madonna. It’s about the love story between Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII the Prince of Wales. She was an American ‘commoner’ ¬†already married with her second husband, but eventually he abdicated the throne for her “because he could not bear to live without her at his side.” A beautiful touching story in itself and if you look at pictures of them they seem genuinely happy with each other. I thought the film was perfect in details like costume and decor, really beautifully done. The criticism Madonna received for making a ‘blah’ ¬†film therefore was somewhat ungrounded. I saw her talk about the film on Graham Norton and you could really tell it was a project near to her heart. It must be difficult to be Madonna knowing your films will receive particular attention. Anyway, see this film, it may not be a ten, but it’s a must-see nonetheless. {1. Wallis Simpson by Irving Penn / 2, 3, 4. Stills and poster from the movie featuring Andrea Riseborough and James Darcy }