I have said it before, but I have trouble with having a strong opinion about something. Just because I think subjectivity is at the root of everything and the world is just a stage on which you perform a role. If you’re a dramatic person all you will see is emotion, if you’re very analytical all you will notice is the logic behind things. Things are not about things, they are about the people who see them (and beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Truth is not about truth, it’s personal. So all we do is organize things and come up with our own personal stories. The interesting part is the part where the stories meet, where there is some sort of common ground. Today at Trendacademy one of the teachers said trendwatching is all about organizing. The story comes when you connect the dots. And then still, it’s your personal story because you’re doing the organizing. I think that’s very intriguing. In my search for suitable images for this week’s assignment with the theme ‘ageing population‘ these photo’s by Karsten Thormaelen caught my eye. He photographed women and men that had reached the respectable age of 100. His […]