Photography: Svjetlana Tepavcevic

I want to thank you all for your nice and positive feedback on the new site. I’m still working to change a couple of things, but ‘life is a work in progress’ as they say. In the meantime I’m happy to report I’m really busy! I’m working on a couple of assignments at the moment and on my second trend presentation. In scouring the internet for suitable imagery I came across these beautiful photographs by Svjetlana Tepavcevic of different types of seeds (do read her own motivation for this series at the bottom of this post). It made me think about seeds and seedlings and starting things small. Some small things grow out to be really big and that is my hope for Aurora. This time my trend presentation is about nature and specifically plants and our relation towards them now and in the future. It’s called: Me, my plant and I.  If you have any tips or suggestions having to do with plants, greenery in and around the house, new and exciting design having to do with plants, let me know! In other news I’m going to review trend books for the Dutch Future Society which I’m really excited about. Plus I […]