I have said it before, but I have trouble with having a strong opinion about something. Just because I think subjectivity is at the root of everything and the world is just a stage on which you perform a role. If you’re a dramatic person all you will see is emotion, if you’re very analytical all you will notice is the logic behind things. Things are not about things, they are about the people who see them (and beauty is in the eye of the beholder). Truth is not about truth, it’s personal. So all we do is organize things and come up with our own personal stories. The interesting part is the part where the stories meet, where there is some sort of common ground. Today at Trendacademy one of the teachers said trendwatching is all about organizing. The story comes when you connect the dots. And then still, it’s your personal story because you’re doing the organizing. I think that’s very intriguing. In my search for suitable images for this week’s assignment with the theme ‘ageing population‘ these photo’s by Karsten Thormaelen caught my eye. He photographed women and men that had reached the respectable age of 100. His […]


Meanwhile I’m very much looking forward to starting my degree in Trendwatching at Trendacademy. I have been interested in this field of study & business for a while now and thought it was high time to do something with it. I’m very curious to see where this path is going to lead me. {Ozan Mutlu Dursan photography}

ShowUp 2014

I had the best weekend! On Saturday I was one of the models for one of Holly’s gorgeous bridalshoots *blush* with the amazing photographer Anouschka Rokebrand (more on that soon) and today I went to the ShowUp trade fair with Nina from Paper Stories. We saw a lot of beautiful stuff and on top of that it was just really nice to be inspired together with a friend. I will pick some brands to blog about in the coming weeks, but here are just some inspirational photo’s I made. I made them with my iPhone.. my little boy dropped (yes, I did say dropped) my Nikon camera this morning and now it’s kind off not zooming anymore.. In fact it’s not doing much anymore.. Any tips for a good camera are more than welcome! As far as highlights go: THE VENUE! The trade fair has grown so much! {1. Ferm Living via Kolk & Kolk Agenturen // 2. Mimi’s Circus Fiep Westendorp via Nordic Child Agencies  // 3. House of Rym via UnikDesign // 4. Anny& Esmé Hofman}


I’m a total Instagram-fan from the very beginning and all these new photo apps to me are just like heaven. You can make amazing collages without Photoshop (which is on my wish list for a long time). I think it’s great, although I don’t know how companies like Adobe feel about apps like Bazaart. To me however there can never be enough art and enough people that are able to make art (or beautiful things). All these apps for me signify a lot of happiness, an outlet for creativity. Pure magic!  

Blog favorite: Violets

Once in a while you come across a blog that you mark as favorite and keep on visiting. Violets is one of those. I love this blog (and it really helps my German too). Author Steffi is also a very talented photographer. I love these aquarium shots she made in the zoo. Can you believe the colors?! Really one to watch!

Photography: Asher Svidensky – the Eagle Huntress

In the meantime while we are living our lives somewhere on this globe people are doing amazing things. Recently I found these photo’s by Asher Svidensky; he travelled to the far regions of Mongolia where boys are given their own grown eagle as soon as they can bear the weight. There they are being trained in the ancient hunting technique passed on from father to son. It takes about five years to finish the training and then to receive the title: “Eagle Hunter”. Traditionally this title is reserved for boys, but Asher found an eagle huntress on the planes of Mongolia who carried her eagle with joy and pride. Her name is Ashol Pan. She is the daughter of an experienced hunter and could be the successor in the eagle hunting tradition if she would want to. To see her handle her eagle is pure joy, an homage to the connection between an animal and a human. Maybe if we close our eyes for just a minute we can feel the weight of the eagle ourselves, the coming down of our arm as he sets of to fly, the sound of his wings flapping in the air. We can see […]

Photography: Margaux Roy

I find myself in an altogether different life these days and I’m settling in slowly. I’m enjoying the warm weather, all the neighborhood children are outside all the time and my little boy is having the time of his life. Last week I went to Le Bric a Brac and found some great vintage treasures. It was a perfect sun filled day. I’m already looking forward to next years edition. We’re having fun at the yearly carnival and at the beach! You can never have enough days like that! I’m seriously working on my tan. How about these beautiful light filled photographs of the French Margaux Roy. Light is everywhere! These are called SUN and BARBAPAPA.

Georgina Santiago

These are trying times. I’m on the verge of taking a leap that is taking me away from comfort and habit. It means leaving things behind I love. At the same time I feel that it’s the right thing to do. This work by Spanish artist Georgina Santiago struck a chord. The vulnerability of her work really appeals to me. The upper image is from her graduate collection which is about the aesthetic effect of unpleasant feelings. Can beauty be found in the unpleasant? I think so. I believe that even the most trying and ugly experiences can bring us closer to beauty and truth. The other image is from her collection INHALE. Just breathe.

Bernard Handick

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday. I had a busy week and that somehow got the better of me. I’m feeling quite exhausted. The thing with a small child is that you simply never get a moment to yourself, well at least not a moment that lasts more than a small hour. I remember the days before I was  a mother, devoted to just organizing my kitchen cupboards or something. I have to confess I have no idea what’s in there now. Somehow everything seems dirty and in constant disarray and since I’m quite the control freak this weighs upon me. I have to remind myself there is a world of inspiration out there! With people like Bernard Handick who makes beautiful photographs and mixed media works. You can see more of his work here.

Photography: Sean Lynch – Infrared

I guess everything is a matter of perspective. Multiple realities existing next to each other. Once in a while you can get a glimpse of another reality and be amazed. There are lessons to be learned from this other dimension. If only we would try to see. I was struck by these infrared photo’s of Sean Lynch, aren’t they beautiful? A testimony of another reality existing and it’s fragile beauty. {All photo’s of Annapurna Himalayan Range – Sean Lynch copyright}