Photography: Laurent Chehere – Flying Houses

Lately I’ve been having trouble remembering my dreams. Each morning when I wake up I immediately forget that I’ve dreamt let alone remember exactly what it was. I really feel I’m missing out on something. I used to have these elaborate dreams and I’ve always given them some sort of significance like they were trying to tell me something. But, lately it’s been very quiet on that front. I remember this one dream I had years ago of a piece of rock that was floating in the air on the edge of a beach. There was a beautiful castle built on that rock. These pictures by Laurent Chehere reminded me of that dream, but then a little bit different of course. I just have this fascination for anything up in the air.

Fashion: Mara Hoffman

Whilst browsing the internet I stumbled upon the beautiful colorful clothes by Mara Hoffman (she has a sale going on!). I love small independent labels, they just are so much more personal. Whilst researching her I saw these pictures of her fall collection 2012. Okay, so they are last year, but they are so beautiful! I couldn’t find a more recent campaign (except the one of the swimwear collection), but I do hope she will make more. I like this campaign, it’s abstract colorful and a bit dark and sinister with the crows (they symbolize death you know). I think it nicely represents those two sides in our personality: the sweet versus the mysterious. She makes amazing pieces! Please do make sure to follow her boards on Pinterest or follow her on Facebook. Fan!   {Photographer Olivia Malone // Stylist Richard Ruiz // hair and makeup Katie Wedlund // Jewelry Kria // Collage Kimberly Dulaney}


Everyone present at the launch of the new digital magazine OhMarie! got a piñata with a gift. These gifts were meant as a little challenge; everyone should take a picture of them in their interior and then pass them through to the next blogger / person. Via Nina from Paper Stories I received five little lace bobbin utensils (kantklosjes). For a long time I just stared at them wondering what to do with them. Nina made such a beautiful pure photo of them and their first owner Monique also did a great job, with adding some nice images of the craft. I just saw ribbons every time I looked at them, I mean lace and ribbons right? And I wanted to hang them in my Christmas tree. But since I don’t have one yet I had to improvise. If you would like to be the next person to receive these five little friends please let me know and I will send them to you!  

Photography: Blossom by Hermine van Dijck

A while ago I came across the journal de jours blog of Hermine van Dijck. She is a textile designer living in Antwerp and I was intrigued by her name because Hermine is actually the name of my mother and van Dijck sounds like the name of a painter, come to think of it: isn’t it the name of a painter? So I began following her blog. I love her love for the simple things, her style is clean and arty. Blossom actually is a limited edition book with photo’s by Eefje de Coninck (another beautiful name) and with textiles by Hermine. It immediately struck a chord so I was very happy that Hermine gave her blog readers the possibility to buy a copy of the book. I do love it, It is tender and dreamy and the photo’s seem to tell a story. Those are the best photo’s. You can also purchase the book on Eefje’s site by the way.

Photography: Elena Kalis – Alice in Wonderland

We voted today for a new government and let me tell you it was quite the election! The end result still isn’t in, but it’s looking better that it did last time… I think…The last weeks though I felt like we lived in a topsy-turfy world where people with few good ideas have the most words and where arrogance versus self-confidence thread a fine line. What is it the Cheshire cat says to Alice when she asks which road she should take  (which is remarkably relevant fitting the current political situation of our country)? “Where do you want to go? he asked. “I don’t know.”  Alice answered. “Well, then it doesn’t much matter which road you take.” These beautiful underwater photo’s are by Elena Kalis. Aren’t they beautiful? PS: You can still enter my Kindred Spirits #5 giveaway. Please do and spread the word!

Magazine madness #4: BLISS

I have to confess I’m a true Etsy addict. I love browsing and looking at all the different treasuries. I love the uniqueness, the handmade and vintage vibe. On one of my Etsy-hunts as I like to call them, I stumbled upon Bliss. Bliss is an initiative of fellow Dutchie Hanke Arkenbout and essentially is a magazine about photographers and their motivation. It highlights some of their work combined with an interview; a simple but elegant formula. The thing about Bliss is that it features mostly young novice and more experienced photographers from all over the world which makes for an interesting blend. The magazine also is beautifully designed and features really promising photo’s. It really is a labor of love. Make sure to buy a copy of Bliss here, not just because it’s worthwhile to do so, but also because these kind of initiatives need all the encouragement they can get!   {The spreads from Bliss #2 feature work from Slovakian photographer Zuzana Mitosinkova and the Australian artist / photographer Kristie Webster }

Interview: Enigheid

One of my very first contacts on Twitter was a girl named IrisVank. She immediately came across as a sweet, interested person and apparently was the face behind the blog Enigheid. Iris seems a very modest person; she always apologetically questions her own contribution to the blogcommunity and keeps insisting she is an amateur of sorts with regard to her photo’s. I don’t presume to know if she is indeed an amateur but I do know I really love her work! I asked her a couple of questions and she kindly agreed answering them. I hope Iris will consider exploring the possibilities of selling these photo’s in some form, wouldn’t you love an Enigheid postcard in your mailbox? Who are you and what is it you do? I’m Iris Vank and during the day I am a policy advisor for a local government. In my free time I use my creativity online, through pictures on my blog and Instagram, and sharing ideas via Twitter. When did your blog start and what kind of blog is it? My blog started a year and a half ago, because I wanted to document my life in a creative and pretty way. I enjoy […]

~ Magazine madness #1 ~

I love reading. My first love are books (which is why I’m into publishing) but nowadays I also love reading inspiring blogs and beautiful magazines. I think there’s nothing like the perfect combination of image and text, but I also love the feel and smell of paper which is why I don’t think actual books will disappear. I would love to share some of my online and offline magazine inspiration. Unfortunately not every magazine is available in Holland, but if you can get your hands on one abroad please do! You won’t regret it! In “real” magazine heaven I like The Gentlewoman magazine: “a biannual magazine for modern women of style and purpose“. It celebrates women and their accomplishments in beautiful photography, interviews and inspirational articles. Another great read is Australian based Frankie magazine, an eclectic blend of art, fashion, pretty photography, interesting reads and real stories of real people. Like another one of my favorite magazines, they also create spin-off publication which you can buy at their shop. {The Gentlewoman issue 1 cover with Phoebe Philo with spreads from issue 5 Tilda Swinton styled by Jonathan Kaye, photographed by Benjamin Alexander Huseby} {Frankie cover issue 47 – Frankie also offers a digital version}

Mixed media: Laura McKellar

Don’t you just love this mixed media portrait? I love how you can completely change the atmosphere of a photo by adding an illustration and different colours. I like the mixture of real and fantasy. Our very existence is real and phantasmagorical at the same time. We all life and breathe and walk this earth while our heads and hearts are filled with imaginary things, hopes, dreams and nightmares. My ex-boyfriend once asked me why I believed there was something more then just this life. I said I couldn’t believe our thoughts, our inner feelings, our unspoken words and everything we keep inside would just be biology. I still don’t believe that. This beautiful work is by the talented Australian Laura McKellar. I love the bird crown this sixties woman is wearing. I would love to wear a bird all day! You can buy Laura’s work online in her shop.