• My name Donata means 'gift' in Latin. The Romans thought 'nomen est omen'. I try to be a gift to this world. 


  • Ever since my childhood I've loved reading, writing and philosophy and I've been hungry for knowledge. I studied Literature & Cultural Analysis at Amsterdam University and in my thesis I analyzed the concept of 'identity' from a psychoanalytical perspective (cum laude). After that I worked for years as a commisioning editor / publisher for the mind-body-spirit publisher Altamira. It was here I 'discovered' and coached o.a. authors like davidjiWilliam BloomNatasja KuipersRosalinda WeelGeertje CouwenberghMarieke Eyskoot and many other domestic and international authors. 


  • I've always been interested in the spiritual essence of life. In my work I try to bring people in contact with this essence and build a bridge between the spiritual and earthly. I help people find their own authentic message and soul purpose and ultimately manifest this in the world.  


  • I try to live as consciously as possible. In 2011 I started a blog on conscious living and lifestyle. This resulted in an even broader interest in sustainable lifestyle. In 2015 I finished my degree as a Trendwatcher at the Trendacademy in Amsterdam. In my work as trendwatcher I also focus on identity issues, sustainability and conscious living. I believe we can create a beautiful sustainable future together.  




donata van der rassel aurora