• The spiritual reading circle is an initiative in collaboration with Bewust Haarlem. We read in a small group of seven different texts about a certain topic. These evenings are hosted, but there is a lot of interaction with the group. The intention is to inspire each other and to come to a deeper understanding of the wisdom and knowledge between the lines.


  • Early october 2015 we will start with a new round of the reading circle (seven gatherings). The theme is: "Living in the New Age". We will read work of Eckhart Tolle, Penney Peirce and others. Do you want to join? Let us know!



  • Feedback:


Inspiring, interesting and heartwarming.

Captivating, useful, informative, enriching and also cozy. The variation in writers, books and topics also really appealed to me. 

I think these gatherings are very interesting and I'm glad they are being organized.