Inspirational book: ‘Good Food’ by Laurianne Ruhé

Nothing gets me more excited than people that work from the heart. It doesn’t matter what kind of work they do. If you work from the heart and dedicate your work to helping people and help raise our collective consciousness you are a hero to me. You can do that in small or big ways, that really doesn’t matter. If everyone works from the heart the world would be a better place! When I read Laurianne Ruhé’s new book Good Food I immediately felt that tingle of excitement. She is a leading example of working from the heart because she listened when her body told her she couldn’t maintain her unhealthy lifestyle. She went looking for ways to get better and searched for ways to educate herself on food and consciousness. In other words: she began exploring the old phrases “Let food be thy medicine.” and ” You are what you eat”. She changed her profession and became an orthomoleculair food expert. She now helps clients with food issues to enhance their food patterns in order to stay healthy or to become healthy. She does this by working with five ‘essentials‘: consciousness, find your poison, detox waste dump, good food […]

Illustration: Olaf Hajek- Little Gurus

I’ve been a fan of Olaf Hajek’s illustrations for a long time, but now I found out he made a children’s book on yoga. I practice yoga myself (I even did a teachers course at one time, although unfortunately I did not finish it due to circumstances) so you may understand my excitement. Wouldn’t the world be a more lovely place if we all just did an adho mukha svanasana or an utthita trikonasana once in a while?  {The book is only available in German you can try to buy it here}