Let the light shine through

Now that Christmas is over and done with I find myself secretly longing for spring. Although I understand it’s going to get colder this coming weekend (they even said ‘below zero’!) I tried to ignore that piece of information. I especially needed some sunlight because yesterday evening I saw the first five episodes of Game of Thrones season 2. ‘Winter is coming and the dark night is full of danger and terror‘, which was pretty much the gist of it. I enjoyed it, but found myself especially excited waking up to a sunny day in a somewhat more normal world. Terror and darkness can be somewhat tiresome. So here is to letting the light in and to the unexpected treasures you can then discover.   {I inherited this cup and do not know it’s origin. Since I was little I have always been fascinated by the japanese girl inside. If someone knows where it comes from I would be glad to hear!}

Some things I love #4

Christmas is upon us and I keep thinking about shiny golden accessories. We already had snow this year but it was a bit early, would be nice if we had a white Christmas though. I would like a bright blue sky with a bright sun and a snowy white world. It always reminds me of skiing (which I love). Just some things I love, next post will be more Christmassy I promise! {1. Brass collar by Young Frankk // 2. ¬†White golden cups Pinterest via Sterling Style // 3. Words via Soleadusthere on Pinterest ¬†// 4. Boya lamp by Environment via Dering Hall //