Vintage Curators & de kunst van het loslaten

Zondag was D-day. De uitgerekende datum. Maar de dag ging net zo geruisloos voorbij als die andere dagen de afgelopen weken. De weken die eindeloos lang lijken te duren in afwachting van dit meisje. Het zou best goed kunnen dat ze, net als haar broer, gewoon langdurig vertikt de woning te verlaten ook al is het huurcontract verlopen. Misschien weet mijn lijf gewoon niet hoe het spontaan moet bevallen. Dat kan natuurlijk ook. Maar goed, ik zal jullie niet vermoeien met mijn eindeloos lange lijst met zwangerschapskwalen, gebrek aan slaap en mistige, zo niet ronduit dementerende, geest. Zo had ik laatst een paprika in mijn handen en kon ik gewoon niet meer op diens naam komen. Ook kon ik me niet goed meer herinneren wat ik er ook alweer mee van plan was. Enfin. Zo bestaan mijn dagen uit lezen, Netflix kijken (ik begon net met deze nieuwe serie), slapen (als het lukt) en kleine boodschappen halen. Af en toe stap ik op mijn bakfiets met mijn dikke buik en fiets ik naar het centrum. Laatst ging ik samen met Valentijn lunchen bij Meneer Paprika en zo kon ik meteen even kijken bij Vintage Curators dat er onlangs is geopend […]

Fashion Friday – J Moon

One thing I really liked from my previous blog and I want to re-introduce is fashion friday. Each Friday I highlight an inspiring fashion designer or something fashion related and preferably fair fashion. This time I wanted to share these designs with you. They are made by J Moon. Moon is a freshly launched based in London womenswear label.  Designer Jay Jinhee Moon graduated from London College of Fashion in 2014.  Jinhee was the one of twenty seven finalists chosen to present collection at the LCF 2014 BA Press show and was the winner of ‘The Best Directional Use of Colour & Textile Award’ at the show.  From this catwalk show, she featured in many press and selected the one of 200 emerging designers in Italian Vogue talents in 2014.  Jinhee finds fun in design realization of 2d drawing to 3d garment.  Trying new things to get inspiration from life style and particularly keen on artworks to apply to the unique aesthetical and interesting fashion design. She loves to make experimental garments with unusual mixture of texture, colour and shape. Playful, odd but new and interesting aesthetic is the unique signature of Jay Jinhee Moon’s design and the brand ‘J Moon’. […]

~ Fashion Friday // Victoria Beckham SS14 ~

When starting my blog I never could have suspected blogging so much about fashion. I mean, I knew I liked fashion, but how much I actually love it became apparent through this blog. I think I love it so much because it represents the direct union between beauty and you (or your body). It makes you part of the artwork or vision in a way no other art form can. I love musing about beautiful dresses and fabrics. I love the idea of a woman that matches with my esthetic. I can be obsessed with women and their details in their clothing, accessories and nail polish! So I’ve decided to regularly post about fashion and since the weekend usually is the time to wear something out of the ordinary I want to inspire you on Friday. This Friday, the first Fashion Friday, I want to talk about Victoria Beckham because sometimes life just deals you an unexpected one. Who knew Victoria Beckham actually was destined to become a fashion designer? I think it’s her best endeavor yet! Besides maybe baring children (she does that quite satisfactorily too). It took her some time to come into her own as a fashion […]

Lucky (ethical) bag – PHILOMIJN

Ok. So I have this obsession for bags. It is nothing less, I tell you, than a real genuine Obsession with a capital O. There is always a good excuse to buy a bag. I love them in all forms and sizes, from simple tote bags to the real expensive ones to the fair trade ones made with respect to our environment. I have to say that I am becoming more and more conscious of fair trade ecofashion and I highly appreciate these initiatives. Nothing is so important than our environment and it is high time we take into consideration the footsteps we set on this earth. An ethical bag is even better than a normal bag, I tell you! Recently I discovered these two Dutch brands who are both producing clothes and accessories with respect. The first one is called Studio Jux and they make the most thrilling fair wear. The second is Philomijn, a leather brand that makes the most beautiful leather products. As of next season her products are also completely made with ecological leather from German cows who have had an animal friendly life. She also uses natural dyes like rhubarb and mimosa for colouring. Her bags are truly beautiful. I am so glad we […]