Fashion: Mara Hoffman

Whilst browsing the internet I stumbled upon the beautiful colorful clothes by Mara Hoffman (she has a sale going on!). I love small independent labels, they just are so much more personal. Whilst researching her I saw these pictures of her fall collection 2012. Okay, so they are last year, but they are so beautiful! I couldn’t find a more recent campaign (except the one of the swimwear collection), but I do hope she will make more. I like this campaign, it’s abstract colorful and a bit dark and sinister with the crows (they symbolize death you know). I think it nicely represents those two sides in our personality: the sweet versus the mysterious. She makes amazing pieces! Please do make sure to follow her boards on Pinterest or follow her on Facebook. Fan!   {Photographer Olivia Malone¬†//¬†Stylist Richard Ruiz // hair and makeup Katie Wedlund // Jewelry Kria // Collage Kimberly Dulaney}