Shops to visit: Friday Next {Amsterdam}

A while back I visited Friday Next in Amsterdam together with Nina from Paper Stories. What a lovely shop! You can drink coffee there and have something to eat as well. We ate lunch there and would have stayed the whole day if possible! The store is packed with design furniture, accessories and lifestyle things. Everything is carefully selected. I wanted to buy the whole lot! (they also have a webshop)


I’ve been on cloud nine since I’ve installed a trial version of Adobe Illustrator. This has been exactly the thing I’ve been looking for! I’ve wanted to learn more about this program and other Adobe software since ages and Nina (bless her!) from Paper Stories has been so kind to act as my personal tutor for an evening. This is what I came up with after just one hour dabbling away. Now I have to find a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end so I can actually buy the program after the trial version ends… If you have any tips to spare on good books, tutorials online or on the before mentioned pot of gold. I would love to know!  { LOVE IS THE ONLY GOLD is a quote by Tennyson.}