PapierClinic SNPR :: De eindeloze eigenschappen van papier

Wist jij dat het aanbod in papiersoorten immens divers is? Het papier wat onze printers uitspugen komt niet eens in de buurt van alle kunstzinnige papiersoorten. Mijn ogen werden hiervoor geopend door de PapierClinic van SNPR: Papierrestauratie & conservering PapierClinics, door Marchelma van Breugel die 3 december plaatsvond in de Monsterkamer te Amsterdam. Voor de PapierClinic heeft Marchelma papiereigenschappen verbonden aan huis-tuin-en-keuken tests. Deze verschaffen je toegang tot het DNA van veel papiersoorten, hun zogenaamde ‘fingerprints’. In de PapierClinic ga je allerlei soorten papier analyseren. Dertig eigenschappen in dertig dozen om precies te zijn. Papiermonsters, instrumenten en associatieve voorbeelden helpen je vervolgens de specifieke eigenschappen beter te begrijpen.  Na haar studie aan de Kunstacademie in Arnhem was Marchelma van Breugel werkzaam als assistent-papierrestaurator bij het Museum Arnhem. Ze voltooide haar opleiding tot restaurator boek- en papier en was zodoende nauw betrokken bij de conservering en restauratie van diverse belangrijke collecties van particulieren, musea en archieven. Na dertien jaar maakte ze een zijstap naar de grafische industrie als papieradviseur. Ook werkte ze bij een drukkerij. Sinds begin 2016 is Marchelma van Breugel zelfstandig papierkundige. Met haar bedrijf SNPR combineert ze het restauratievak met haar zelfontwikkelde PapierClinics. De monsterkamer is een walhalla voor designers, boekenwurmen, papier […]

Fotoshoot with Holly Marder & Anouschka Rokebrand

A little while back the lovely Holly Marder from Avenue Lifestyle blog requested models on Facebook for an upcoming fotoshoot. Normally I’m kind off camera shy but since stepping out of my comfort zone is something I’m attempting to do more I emailed Holly for the specifics. I didn’t really have an idea what to expect but I found myself with a lot of other beautiful ladies making flower garlands in a beautiful styled space. It turned out to be a really fun day. Ajda Mehmet made a lot of delicious food which we got to eat at the end (!), Anouschka Rokebrand made beautiful photo’s and Holly Marder’s detailed styling and creative direction really was inspiring. It was a lot of fun to see how something like that comes together and all this hard work was rewarded with a feature on the ultimate wedding blog: Style Me Pretty. I’m very proud to have been a part of it! Thanks again Holly! Een tijdje geleden deed Holly Marder van Avenue Lifestyle blog een oproep op Facebook voor modellen voor een fotoshoot. Ik ben normaal gesproken nogal huiverig voor camera’s, maar aangezien ik er tegenwoordig een punt van maak dingen te doen […]

Workshop: Heute Urlaub

It’s been a little bit quiet here, not because there is something amiss (I really like that word, reminds me a bit of Shakespeare), but because my days were filled with happy things and nice weather. Summer seems to have finally set in here and then everything feels better doesn’t it? Last Saturday I finally had the chance to visit concept store Urlaub in Utrecht and did my very first screen printing workshop by Femke from Windstilte. I went together with Rivka and Nina who are turning out to be my regular workshop buddies and I really was happy with the end result. We made a scarf (mine was grey) and had to come up with a simple form to screen print. I chose a pink circle. I wanted to do a second round to finish my ‘design’ and add another smaller circle, in a different color, but as it turned out we didn’t have time for one because well, we ate cake and chatted and shopped so time flew by. If you have a chance to visit Urlaub and the lovely Ellen please do! I recommend doing a workshop! (and am already checking out the fall program – like […]

Alphabet Bags giveaway

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas? I spent my days with family and just relaxed, ate a lot of chocolate and sweets (whoops) and tried to get some things done of my never ending list… I was rather unsuccessful with that, but still have one more week before I have to go back to work, so maybe next week will be my most productive… I promised you a smashing giveaway and here it is! Maybe some of you read the decor8 blog, I have been a fan for a while now. I love Holly’s blog and work, I think she’s an amazing blogqueen. I really would like to do a real-live workshop and meet her and when I read she recently held one in her home city Hannover, I was of course intrigued. It seemed like such a nice get together with amazing other bloggers and really educating as well. I would love to go next time! I have to confess the goody bag filled with sponsor goodies Holly gave her students made me drool and even slightly impaired my speech for a while… It was AMAZING! I especially loved the Alphabet Bags and could not get over […]

Kindred spirits #2: Elle aime

After my involuntary blogbreak and the most hectic weeks maybe all-time, we are now more and more settling in our new home. In the coming weeks I will share with you parts of our new house, but for now I wanted to share with you the interview I had with Lisa Manuels owner of Shop elle aime. I love her illustrations and workshops, I made buttons and did a bookbinding workshop last weekend with tweeps Rivka from rrauw and Nina from Paper stories. Lisa is just the most lovely person and I was very pleased she agreed to answer my questions. Who are you and what it is that you do exactly? My name is Lisa Manuels and I make illustrations, I create, collect, sell and give workshops! In the north of Rotterdam I own a small shop named Elle aime. There I sell my own illustrations and creations, but also those of other designers and creators from all over the world. I also organise and teach many different creative workshops there. How did you get to be so creative? Probably because it runs in the family a little bit. Actually almost everyone I know is creative, everyone in his […]